Luxurious Audi-Style LED Side Glow Strip Lights

If you love the Audi LED strip lights but hate the hefty price tag on one of these expensive vehicles, we have a nice pair of Audi style side glow LED lights that give you the Audi look without having to spend too much money. One of our customers brought in a 2009 BMW E92 M3 and had it fitted with Audi style LEDs for a whole new look.
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2011 Las Vegas SEMA Show Finale Cruise Roll Out

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Error Free Turn Signal Lights for 2008 Mercedes CLK350

Error Free 1156 LED bulbs is here! Yes that’s right, no longer will your car show an error message when you install Error Free Turn Signal Lights. We are crazy about easy and convenient installations. The plug and play installation makes it virtually idiot proof to all drivers to easily install.

Originally not error proof and causes many problems to customers, but now there will be no error, no flickering, and no warning message on dashboard. Aside from the easy and quick installation, the Error Free Turn Signal Lights provide excellent lighting compared to the regular stock bulbs. The radiant colors of Xenon White and Amber Yellow will suit many cars. The remarkable style will completely change a car’s appearance 180 degrees.

Error Free Turn Signal Lights are a good investment for all drivers. The dramatic stylish appearance won’t chew up your wallet. If you’re one of those drivers that never signal, all that will change. You will be glad to signal. Signaling will be your favorite pastime. The brightly lit Xenon White and Amber Yellow will emit proudly as you cut off that truck.

No load resistors needed! Like I said, we’re nuts about easy and convenience. No need to hire a mechanic. The plug and play installation makes it possible for all drivers to do it themselves. Each bulb contains 20 pieces of individual LED. The 360 degree shape will emit effortlessly. With its inexpensive price, I can’t argue why you wouldn’t want to invest on a pair of these bad boys.

Error Free 1156 LED bulbs will provide an error free, quick installation performance. The brighter output will make your car shine confidently. Turning has never been so stylish. Error Free 1156 LED bulbs are just one of the many progressions of modern automotive lighting.

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The Brightest Possible BMW Angel Eyes – HID Angel Eyes for Your Bimmer

HID Angel eyes for BMW – People said it couldn’t be done, but we finally make it. After a long time of testing, our BMW HID angel eyes are now ready to go.

The HID angel eyes lights are the shorter version of the H8 HID bulbs, which will provide more precise beam pattern than the stock lights. The brightness and the cool xenon color provided by the HID bulbs will make your bimmer a rock star on the road. The lights will even be brighter than the 2011 BMW’s stock LED angel eyes.

The HID angel eyes can be a wide investment for all bimmer drivers. With less than a hundred dollars, you will get a nice touch to compliment all of the other exterior mods. More importantly, you can’t go wrong with them. HID BMW angel eyes will become the new standard lighting package that everyone wants.

The installation will be much easier than you can imagine. With its plug & play design, it may takes less than an hour to put the HID lights on your BMW. The preconfigured HID angel eyes kit requires no cutting and wiring. The lights will generally fit new models of 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 7 series and X series. The lights are completely error-free, so you won’t be bothered with the error message on dash.

We recently installed this HID angel eye lights for a BMW Z4. The lights are as bright as the headlights under direct mid day sunshine without any flickering issue. Take a look at the video, and consider HID angel eyes for your next project.

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LED interior lights for 2009 BMW E92 335i: A Smart Investment for Smart Drivers

2009 - bmw - e92 - 335i - led - interior - lights - 1

It’s the inside of an individual that matters most. We believe that’s true for a car as well and for that reason we’ve installed the entire BMW LED Lights package for our customer, Will. Notice how the LED interior lights stand out so well? Those lights have a certain characteristic within them like a radiant glow. The inside of a car should matter most since it will be the passengers that will ultimately judge a car’s appearance.

2009 - bmw - e92 - 335i - led - interior - lights - 2

Will’s 2009 BMW E92 335i was previously installed with the housing bulbs. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with regular stock bulbs but if I had to choose stock bulbs or LED interior lights I’d choose the LED lights in a heartbeat and so did Will. You can’t go wrong with BMW LED Lights. It’s one of the best and inexpensive investments for any car.

2009 - bmw - e92 - 335i - led - interior - lights - 4

Notice how the dome light provides excellent lighting in terms of brightness and overall coverage yet it is not blinding? Even the gas and brake pedals are bathed in light so you can see if your shoe stepped on poop as you enter the car or something of that matter. Anyways, this BMW LED Light is xenon white so the lighting looks more natural so you aren’t color blind within the car and can actually distinguish the land and ocean apart on a map.

With the touch up of LED lighting even the seats look brand new. It looks so comfortable and inviting even pedophiles have a better chance picking up children in their cars using LED interior lights than candy. Kidding, we don’t support pedophilia! But seriously, that car looks relaxing.

2009 - bmw - e92 - 335i - led - interior - lights - 3

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