2006 Acura TL Installed with Exact Fit LED Interior Lights

This customer came to our store to try out our exact fit LED interior lights package for free on his 2006 Acura TL.

Acura TL LED Interior Lights 1

Acura TL LED Interior Lights 2

Acura TL LED Interior Lights 3

Acura TL LED Interior Lights 4

It is pretty simple to install these LED panel and light bulbs, just plug and play, with no modification needed, simply remove the stock light bulbs and replace with the super bright direct fit LED interior lights.

Nissan Versa stands out with LED Interior Lights

LED Interior Lights 1

The owner of that Nissan Versa installed these red hot LED Interior Lights and made his ride definitely stand out. I can’t miss that this guy upgraded the whole car with LED bulbs, starting with the parking lights, license plate lights, trunk lights and dome lights, but today I’ll feature the interior lights only.

LED Interior Lights 2

To be honest, I don’t know what’s the feeling to be surrounded by brilliant red light while trying to read the map at night, but there’s one thing I know for sure – it’s really sexy. Some of you may find it even annoying and uncomfortable, but you have to agree that this is an interesting way to make that Nissan Versa unique.

LED Interior Lights 3

If you want to upgrade your vehicle’s interior with quality LED products, then you should know iJDMTOY offers a very large range of car Interior Lights. Almost all of them are universal fit and in case brilliant red is not your color, these perfect replacements are available in two other colors – ultra blue and xenon white. Don’t waste time: get rid of the old dull yellow incandescent bulbs and take your car to the next level with iJDMTOY.

LED Interior Lights 4

LED bulbs have various advantages over conventional incandescent lamps. They do not have a filament that will burn out so they will last much longer. Additionally, their small plastic bulb makes them a lot more durable and the main advantage of LED bulbs is energy efficiency. Since iJDMTOY thinks for the customers, the ultra easy plug-and-play system allows replacing the OEM bulbs in just a few minutes. This means no drilling, cutting, or fabrication required. Simply remove the stock light bulbs and replace with the advanced LED Interior Lights for cars. You’ll get a bright, crisp light that offers incredible visibility and a custom look.

LED Interior Lights 5

Check out that Nissan Versa and its LED Interior Lights – you can get the same or a similar look for just a few bucks. Maximize the interior lighting and make your car, truck, or SUV stand out with light replacements from iJDMTOY!

LED Interior Lights 6

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Rock your Audi A5 with some Pink LED interior lights

12-SMD Pinkish Purple (Magenta) LED PCB Panel LightsPink LED lights

Audi A5 with Pink Led interior lights isn’t something you’ll see everyday. And if you want to make some real impression, you’ll be definitely noticed with these Purple LED lights. We suppose the owner of this Audi was bored with the stock yellowish interior lighting and decided to change the dome lights to Pink LED lights. For which we understand, presuming the fact that LED is the new leading technology is automotive lighting. Now it is time for a change.

Pink LED lights

If pink is not you color, then don’t worry, as we bet you know some ladies that will go crazy about the idea of purple lighted interior. And don’t go with the dome lights only, be creative! These 12-SMD Pinkish Purple 1210 type LED light panels are perfect for car interior lights such as map lights, dome lights and door courtesy lights, as the owner of this Audi A5 replaced the original ones.

Pink LED lights

You don’t have to bother with some complicated installation, as the package includes a pair of T10, and 2 pieces adjustable universal fit festoon adapters, which will fit to any wedge and festoon housings, but for more information you’d better check out our website. What about those people who doesn’t own A5? Today is your lucky day if you drive Audi A4, Audi Q5 or Audi A7 and want to make some change that will make your ride stand out, because these Purple LED lights will fit like a glove.

Take a good look at those red leather seats. They seem so comfy, so smooth, but this is because of the LED dome lights, which makes them look new and clean. Did you see the warm pink light over the gear knob? Even the dashboard looks so warm and welcoming! The whole car whispers get in, you’ll be like in heaven? Audi A5 with Pink LED light inside? This sounds like heaven.

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