Lexus CT200H Interior LED Panel Lights Upgraded

Toyota is very experienced and has been getting their feet wet in LED technology world for quite some time now. Lexus, a subsidiary of Toyota has been integrating LED lights into their higher end models such as the GS350 and LS460. Strangely enough, the hybrid CT200H utilizes incandescent interior lighting; since it’s a hybrid vehicle it would make sense to save as much energy as possible using LED lights as it already utilizes LED headlights on the upper trim model. Fortunately, we have an LED replacement solution for the interior lights for this car.

Lexus CT200h LED Interior Panel Lights 1

This particular customer wanted a brighter and cleaner looking light for his Lexus CT200H LED interior front map lights because they had trouble finding things at night. Since we didn’t have a specific direct fit car interior LED package for this car like we have for others, we opted to use our 36-SMD LED panel instead which fit perfectly. Each panel contains 36-SMD 1210 type LED diodes and is available in either 6000K Xenon White or 20,000K Ultra Blue; we do recommend getting it in Xenon White for it to be really functional though.

Lexus CT200h LED Interior Panel Lights 2

As for the bulb size, each panel comes with a T10 adapter (fits 168,194, 2825, and more sized bulbs), festoon adapter (fits 31 to 42mm festoon bulbs), and a BA9 adapter (fits mini bayonet style bases) so it will fit all the common interior light bulb sizes as long as the housing can accommodate the panel. It also comes with 3M self-adhesive tape on the back so it can stick to the housing for an easy installation. This simple upgrade is perfect to create more CT200h LED interior light inside the car at night at reasonable price.

Lexus CT200h LED Interior Panel Lights 3

36-SMD 1210 LED PCB Panel Light

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Our Standard LED Interior Kits are Now Sold with 1210-SMD LEDs

All our Standard LED Interior Packages now come with 1210-SMD LED chips on the bulbs instead of the basic refractor LED diodes that were far less superior compared to these lights. The basic 3mm LED diode typically produce 2.5 lumen whereas these 1210-LED diodes produce 5 lumen per diode so they are double the brightness. It is an only normal to assume that with brighter lights, they would come at a higher cost, but thanks to innovative manufacturing improvements we able to produce these brighter lights at the same cost as the previous version. There are several other improvements in light output and color with this version.

Nissan Altima LED Interior Lights Package 1

Nissan Altima LED Interior Lights Package 2

The LED interior package shown in the pictures is on a Nissan Altima and is our Ultra Blue color. Just like the old version, the newer and brighter version retains all our color selections; Xenon White, Ultra Blue, and Brilliant Red. The color is also much richer to the eyes compared to the refractor version. The beam pattern of the light is much more wide spread; SMD LED lights have a flood light beam pattern so there is more available light. The refractor LED lights were more of a spot light style and would not spread the light as well. We’re confident that our customers will appreciate a much brighter and better light at the same low cost as before.

Nissan Altima LED Interior Lights Package 3

Nissan Altima LED Interior Lights Package 4

LED Lights Interior Package Combo for Nissan Altima

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Honda Civic with Warm White LED Bulbs for Interior Lights

Today’s featured Honda Civic looks awesome with these brand new Warm White LED bulbs and certainly makes impression. The interior lights shine very nice and the whole car looks very cozy and attractive. This great effect is achieved thanks to a pair of 6-SMD LED 1.25" 31mm Festoon LED bulbs in Warm White color that will replace the stock DE3175, DE3022, DE3021, 3175, 3022 and 3021 bulbs.

Honda Civic Warm White LED DE3175 1

If you want to make your car cooler, you can consider trying these Warm White DE3175 LED bulbs. Of course, if Warm White is not your color you can pick from three more colors – Xenon White, Ultra Blue and Brilliant Red, but the fact is that you’ll love the way they shine – up to 3-4 times brighter than OEM bulb.

Honda Civic Warm White LED DE3175 2

Utilizing the latest in LED technology, iJDMTOY has developed this 6-SMD Festoon LED bulb with plug-and-play system that allows installing for car interior lights, such as map lights, reading lights, and dome lights in just a few minutes with no drilling, cutting, or fabrication required. All you have to do is to remove the stock incandescent light bulb and replace it with this high quality LED bulb for super bright light. In case bulb won’t light up, plug it out, flip it 180 degrees and plug it in again – this should do the trick.

Honda Civic Warm White LED DE3175 3

I guess the owner of this Honda Civic is very happy with his brand new Warm White LED interior, because these bulbs are cheaper than others, last longer and look better.
Achieving the very same nice and stylish look has never been easier – you don’t have to spend a fortune – just look for these incredible Warm White DE3175 LED bulbs from iJDMTOY!

Festoon LED bulbs DE3175 DE3021 DE3022

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Brand New 2013 Nissan 370Z Gets License 168 LED Bulbs Upgrade

The 2013 Nissan 370Z is a fantastic performer with great power and handling and when some more style is added with License LED Bulbs, it’s simply outstanding. This is exactly what happened with this 2013 Nissan 370Z – the very first thing that the owner did is to install iJDMTOY 5-SMD-5050 168 194 T10 LED bulbs for the license plate lights.

Nissan 370Z License 168 LED Bulbs 1

What’s more, the updates for 2013 Z include a revised front end that incorporates LED daytime running lights, which makes these 168 LED bulbs a perfect complement to the overall car look. And if you have to spend some money to get the Japanese muscle car, you can get the very same license plate LED look for just a few bucks.

Nissan 370Z License 168 LED Bulbs 2

The featured license LED bulbs have 360 degrees shine design and 5 pieces super bright 3-Emitter 5050 Type SMD LED lights which deliver great output. So, if you want to dress up your ride with some cool add-on and make people say "Wow!", then the T10 LED bulb from iJDMTOY is just for you. Plus, you can get your pair of LED bulbs in 7 colors – Xenon White, Warm White, Ultra Blue, Brilliant Red, Emerald Green, Amber Yellow and Magenta Pink to match the style of your ride.

Nissan 370Z License 168 LED Bulbs 3

Replacing the stock bulbs is very easy task – look underneath where the lights are, press one side of the license plate light housing to unlatch and pop it out. Twist and disconnect the light from the cover, then pull out old bulb and insert your new 168 LED bulb. Do the same with the other one, then test if lights are working. If not, please flip the bulb 180 degrees and try again. Then put back the cover and pop it back in. That’s all.

The rear end of the featured 2013 Nissan 370Z looks much better at night, thanks to the new 168 LED bulbs from iJDMTOY. Go with this product and you won’t regret, but if you want to go further, to look and feel a cut above the rest, then an optional I Love JDM License Plate Frame is available for a few more bucks.

5-SMD T10 Wedge Light LED Bulbs 158 168 175 194 2823 2825

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Shines in Sparking Blue thanks to Infiniti G35 LED Package

Check out this lovely 2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe with the featured Complete LED Combo Deal from iJDMTOY and start taking notes on the "How to make you car a head-turner" topic. This customer got the full package for his 2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe for interior dome lights, foot area lights, license plate lights and backup lights in this nice sparking blue color. He wanted the brightest interior and exterior lighting LED package and as you can see from the photos – he got it.

Infiniti G35 LED Complete Combo Deal Package 1

This awesome Infiniti G35 LED Package fits all G35s made in 2003-2007 and it comes pre-configured with all the SMD LED lights you need to dress up your car. Direct replacement, plug and play, 3-4 times brighter and longer lasting than stock car interior lights, this Complete LED Combo Deal is a great product that will knock the socks off of the most passionless person in less than a second!

Infiniti G35 LED Complete Combo Deal Package 2

Simply remove the stock light bulb and replace with the new LED one for a bright, crisp light. You’ll achieve incredible visibility and modern custom look! What’s more, you can install all LED bulbs from the package within 15 minutes, because no car guru skills are required for this simple task. Please note that some of these bulbs could be polar sensitive and if bulb won’t light up, plug it out, flip it 180 degrees and plug it in again. That should do the trick.

The owner of this 2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe is very happy with his Infiniti G35 LED Package and as it turned out, the LED lights are brighter than he expected. Take a look at the super bright blue light that projects on the ground even in low light conditions and imagine what it’s like in complete darkness – it will draw attention like a Jedi Master with a lightsaber!

iJDMTOY Premium SMD LED Lights Interior/Complete Package Combo for Infiniti G (G25 G35 G37)

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