Lexus IS250 with 168 LED Parking Lights

Below is a picture of 2009 Lexus IS250 installed our 158 168 194 2825 2827 LED bulbs for parking lights. We just got this amazing picture from a customer who purchase the LED parking lights from us.

Lexus IS250 168 LED Parking Lights

This 12-SMD T10 LED bulbs are much brighter than the regular stock lights at night time and also provides any cars a sleek and stylish look.

To install these LED parking lights on the Lexus IS250 without any problems, because of its plug and play friendly, installing would be a piece of cake, even no professional installer needed.

If you are looking for this 168 LED bulbs, you can take a look here:

iJDMTOY 360-Degree Shine 12-SMD T10 Wedge Light LED Bulbs 158 168 194 2825 2827

Color Available: Xenon White or Ultra Blue
Perfect for car interior lights, door courtesy lights, license plate lights, parking lights

iJDMTOY 360-Degree Shine 5-SMD T10 Wedge Light LED Bulbs 158 168 175 194 2825 2827

Color Available: Xenon White, Ultra Blue or Brilliant Red
Perfect for Car Interior Lights, Parking Lights, Side Door Lights or License Plate Lights, etc

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2010 Cadillac Escalade Combines 5201 LED Bulbs with HID

5201 LED Bulbs 1

The 2010 Cadillac Escalade is impressive by its own, but this one has 5201 LED Bulbs for Daytime Running Lights right above the HID headlight lamp. Check out the pictures of this "White Diamond" and see for yourself the "look-at-me "outsized styling, which most fast-living rappers and bling-dazzled celebrities swoon over.

5201 LED Bulbs 2

Thanks to the 68-SMD 5201 LED bulbs used for DRL, the stock yellowish halogen bulbs are gone, and the old look is transformed into a beautiful and exact 6000K Ultra White HID matching look without paying the HID price. This is a great "add-on" to the already luxury and extroverted appearance, which turned this ride into a sleek and real head-turner.

5201 LED Bulbs 3

Since this LED bulb is direct replacement for the stock 55W 5201 (aka H16, 9009, 5201, 5200, PSX24W or 2504) halogen bulb for fog light or daytime running light, it will fit in almost any car, SUV or truck with such housing. Please note that some vehicles like Audi, BMW, etc which have on board computer (OBC), you might need to add a pair load resistors. This is needed in order to avoid the error message showing up on dashboard or bulb malfunction problem.

Whether load resistors are needed or not, the installation is extremely easy! Completely plug and play and should take you less than 10 minutes! You can get your ride a 6000K Xenon White or exotic 20000K Ultra Blue look for just a few bucks! And considering the fact that LED bulbs are longer-lasting and consume less power than conventional halogen units, which means less fuel consumption, the LED technology is the first step to the "think green" way of living.

This 2010 Cadillac Escalade looks great on 22-inch wheels with the 5201 LED Bulbs installed and if you really like it, then you just can’t go wrong with purchasing a pair of these wonderful and super bright 5201 LED Bulbs. Impress people, save money and give your car a fresh new look with this quality iJDMTOY product now!

68-SMD 1210 5202 (aka H16) LED Bulbs

Halo Projector Headlights and LED Tail Lights

Introducing iJDMTOY’s new products for halo projector headlights, LED tail lights and JDM decals.

Eco-Friendly 2011 Lexus CT200H with H11 LED Bulbs

H11 LED Bulbs 1

This 2011 Lexus CT200h is Lexus’s fifth hybrid offering and the first one with H11 LED Bulbs installed on the fog lights. This small customization matches perfectly to the luxury headlights, that come with twin LED low beam lamps. In fact, the Lexus CT 200h has the largest number of external LEDs yet fitted to a Lexus model – 89 in total.

H11 LED Bulbs 2

The owner got rid of the dull yellowish light, emitted from the stock 55W H11 (aka H8) halogen bulbs and replaced them with the more advanced Xenon White 68-SMD H11 (aka H8) Hyper-Flux LED Bulbs from iJDMTOY. This is how the stunning 6000k HID look of the H11 LED Fog Lights was achieved without paying the HID price.

H11 LED Bulbs 3

We can’t tell whether this mod should be included in the standard equipment, but considering the fact that LED bulbs are longer-lasting and consume less power than conventional halogen units, we will definitely pick the LED technology. After all, less consumed power means improvement in fuel economy, which is a key factor in such eco-friendly vehicle.

H11 LED Bulbs 4

Anyway, this H11 LED bulb is direct replacement for the OEM H11 (H8) halogen bulb and could be used for fog lights or daytime running lights. Installation is very easy: simply find the original bulbs and replace them with these beautiful LED bulbs. For some European vehicles like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc. which have on board computers (OBC) you may need to use our Error Free Decoder Wiring Kit in order to avoid any error message popping up on your dashboard or bulb malfunction problems.

H11 LED Bulbs 5

As you can see, these H11 LED Bulbs are perfect add-up to the fully LED equipped 2011 Lexus CT200H and give it a sleek high-end HID look. Why spending more money on actual HID kits, when you can get the same elegant appearance for less? Treat your ride the way it deserves, just like the owner of this one does, and enjoy everyone’s admiration.

68-SMD H11 (aka H8) Hyper-Flux LED Bulbs

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LED License Plate Lights: The Apple bottom Jeans for BMW M3 CSL

As unimportant as it looks, LED License Plate Lights can actually improve your car’s appearance. Unless you’re a complete rebel that doesn’t display his or her license plate then this blog will only be a waste of time for you. But those who actually display their license plate know that license plate lights are required. You might as well obey the law in a flashy manner.

bmw - m3 - csl - led - license - plate - lights - 1

See how bright BMW License Plate Lights are? It offers a unique look in the back of the BMW making it look newer and sleeker. The xenon white color adds a nice touch.

Xenon white is an excellent addition to the rear of the car. Honestly the rear of a car doesn’t have much to show. But with the help of LED License Plate Lights, my attention is focused on the rear tenfold! LED technology allows the license plate lights much brighter and also offering a striking pure white color.

bmw - m3 - csl - led - license - plate - lights - 2

The installation is quite simple. You replace your old stock bulbs with these bad boys simply by plug and play. No other wiring or configurations are needed. LED License Plate Lights not only produce brighter lights but they also run on fewer power. That’s a two way benefit!

Even with a black rear, the BMW License Plate Lights stand out very well. It’s just one of the important accessory drivers should invest on. It only makes sense to have a good rear to match the rest of the car. And if Xenon White isn’t bold enough for your tastes LED License Plat Lights also offer red and blue.

bmw - m3 - csl - led - license - plate - lights - 3

If you are a car enthusiast with an obsession to improve your car’s appearance, do consider the BMW License Plate Lights. They are the best and most inexpensive improvement you’re your BMW’s rear.

Xenon White High Power OBC Error Free LED License Plate Light Modules w/ Canbus Controller for BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, X Series, etc

Xenon White High Power OBC Error Free LED License Plate Light Modules w/ Canbus Controller for BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, X Series, etc

Xenon White High Power OBC Error Free LED License Plate Light Modules w/ Canbus Controller for BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, X Series, etc

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42mm 6-SMD LED Light Bulb For Car Interior

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42mm 6-SMD LED light bulb for car interior

JDM Super Bright Xenon White, Ultra Blue, Brilliant Red 6-SMD D42mm Festoon Map Dome LED bulbs for 578 211-2 214-2 etc

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