Jeep: All American Classic

Jeep is such an American classic, with its versatility demonstrated from war machine all the way to Hollywood movie star. The originator of Jeep is the famous World War II classic Willys, which is a symbol of the American steadfastness. The Jeep Willys played an important role in the war, so much that post-war consumers clamored for a civilian on-road use vehicle. As an off-road brand, Jeep came out with smaller commercial fans with a compact and lightweight body for suitable transportation and work use.

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Nissan Altima Switchback LED DRL Turn Signal Assembly

One of our most popular products to date is the set of Direct Fit Nissan Altima LED Daytime Lights that replaces the entire front turn signal lamps and bulbs to convert the entire sector to LED daytime running lights with a turn signal feature. This entire assembly gives your Nissan Altima quite a unique look and transforms the sedan to give it a more luxurious aura. It does not matter if your Nissan Altima has stock fog lights or not, as the bezel allows you to add compatible fog lights if later on if your vehicle does not already have fog lights.

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Mazda6 Fiber Optics LED Daytime Running Lights

The Mazda6 is overtaking the market for popular sedans as it’s classy and sporty, yet affordable. This is a set of direct fit Mazda6 OEM Fit LED DRL that’s made with fiber optics for a continuous strip of light. The uniform design gives you an even lighting effect for a fluid look so the output looks extra spectacular. Very few cars have exact fit LED DRL assemblies designed to fit them so if you have a new Mazda6, you definitely need to get a set of these LED lamps.

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Miniature Universal Fit LED Daytime Running Light on Nissan Altima

If you think that the regular size universal fit LED daytime running lights are a little too big to suit your car, then you can try a set of miniature LED DRL lights. These LED daytime running lights are made to be a smaller size than most, coming in at 3.35" x 1.35" x 1.20". This smaller size makes it easier to mount on many locations, and is a great accent light for the vehicle. The size is actually very desirable among many people who have smaller sports cars, but even looks great on regular sized sedans as well.

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2013 and up Nissan 370Z LED Daytime Running Light Enabling Kit

There are many newer vehicles that come with factory equipped daytime running lights, but there are more and more vehicles that are becoming equipped with LED daytime running lights; an example would be the 2013+ Nissan 370z. The 2013 and up models come with a vertically installed LED daytime running lamp on the sides of the front bumper that are on during the day and turn off at night when the low beam headlights are on. Our DRL Enabling Kit will allow the DRLs to be on with the low beam headlights at night.

Nissan 370z LED Daytime Running Light Enable Kit 1

The daytime running lamps are on during the day usually, hence their name, but for vehicles like the 2013+ Nissan 370z where the bumper does not have a location for fog lights, these are a logical solution for fog lights during the night as well. Our LED DRL Enabling Kit will draw power from the parking lights in the headlights to keep the lights on during the night with the headlights. The kit comes with quick splices for an easy installation so nearly everything is provided to do the job; all that needs to be provided is zip ties and electrical tape which is something every DIY-er should already have in their possession.

Nissan 370z LED Daytime Running Light Enable Kit 2

Nissan 370z LED Daytime Running Light Enable Kit 3

The LED DRL Enable Kit also comes with our popular 10-SMD 5730 T10 LED bulbs as well that change the color of the factory incandescent yellow to a more up-to-date 6000K Xenon White which will closely match the color of the factory LED daytime running lights. Use this kit to turn your 370z’s daytime running lights into how the European vehicles operate, by allowing it to be on during the night and day.

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LED Daylight Night Time Enable Kit

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