How to Install Switchback LED Rear Fog Light Brake Light on Chevy Volt

This switchback LED bulb is specially designed so that it functions as a rear fog light as well as a backup light. Switching from your stock bulb to the new switchback LED reverse light/fog light bulb is not complicated and involves some pretty straightforward steps. This LED rear fog light/reverse light upgrade is compatible with 2011-up Chevy Volt and the new 2015 Ford Mustang.

Step 1: Remove the Hex and Torx screws circled in red that are located at the bottom of the vehicle’s rear.

chevy volt LED fog rear 03
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2014 SEMA Auto Show Part 1: 2015 Ford Mustang

Looks like it’s that time of the year again where people from all walks of the car world gather together in Sin City’s Las Vegas Convention Center to see all of the industry’s latest products, greatest goods, and most epic car builds. There’s no mistaking that bright eyed anticipation of what this year’s SEMA show will bring and showcase. Last year, SEMA brought out 125,000 thousand people and it looks like that number will only increase year after year. While the SEMA show is not opened to the public (imagine the stampede that would cause), we are still able to attend and bring you the latest and greatest at this year’s SEMA.

Previous years featured the Nissan GTR in 2010, Chevy Camaro in 2011, the twins Scion FR-S/ Subaru BRZ in 2012, and the Lexus IS 250 350 in 2013. So what about this year?

The star of the show this year is the 2015 Ford Mustang, and more importantly, the King Cobra in all of its fierce glory. The crowd just erupted in cheers as the King Cobra was unveiled for good reason: this American bred animal brings in 600hp to the table and can conquer the quarter-mile in under 11 seconds. Just take a deep breath and absorb that info for a second.

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See How LED Interior Lights Matter To 2005 Ford Mustang

LED Interior Lights are a bonus to any vehicle. The distinctive brightness and color adds character to all vehicles. It’s sleek style lights up the entire car. The easy plug and play installation is a friendly bonus to all drivers. Drivers no longer have to feel intimidated by the complex installation.

ford - mustang - led - interior - lights - 2

Drivers can choose from Xenon White, Ultra Blue, and Brilliant Red LED Interior Lights. The powerful SMD technology is even brighter than regular LED bulbs. So your blueish interior won’t look dim at all. The 360 degree shine will emit all around your car.

And if you don’t feel as bold as blue or red, xenon white is an excellent color that can match any car. The easy plug and play installation is a quick process that all drivers can perform. The blueish tone adds a sleek and modern style that perfectly fits today’s generation of automotive.

Today’s automotive trend has transgressed rapidly. To be sure to stay updated on automotive technology, drivers should select LED Interior Lights. Each SMD bulb emits brighter light so drivers can actually see while inside their car. Blue, red or white sure beats amber in style. The Ultra Blue effect of LED Interior Lights adds character to both driver and car.

ford - mustang - led - interior - lights - 1

The style of LED Interior Lights can be accepted as a formal or a casual appearance. Yes, take your car to a fancy dinner or to a Saturday night out with the guys. Amber color interior lighting can be so boring. Regular halogen stock bulbs don’t come close to brightness compared to SMD LED bulbs. While the outside may appear stylish, it’s the inside that impresses the passengers. Many drivers today are switching to Led lights for many parts of their car. The best switch is LED interior lighting, try it for yourself.

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MSN Report: Las Vegas SEMA 2009 10 Most Outlandish Rides

SEMA 2009:
10 Most Outlandish Rides

Each year, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)
hosts one of the largest automotive equipment and car shows in the country. Held
in deliciously decadent Sin City (where else, right?), the SEMA Show has become
such a big deal that aftermarket suppliers, tuners, hot-rod builders and even
mainstream carmakers wrench tirelessly all year to craft the most elaborate
machines they can imagine in hopes of showing each other up at the Las Vegas
Convention Center. SEMA 2009 featured some of the craziest custom machinery
we’ve seen to date, here you go:

Sema 04
Sema 04
Sema 04
Sema 04
Sema 04
Sema 04
Sema 04
Sema 04
Sema 04
Sema 04


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