iJDMTOY Troubleshoot: Stock Socket Different from LED

When you’re installing your new LED bulb, there are several components in the socket that are important to note. You have the actual bulb, the bulb adapter, and the stock socket harness. During the installation process, if the LED bulb does not seem to "fit", make sure that you have removed the appropriate piece in order to make the connection.

Below, you can see the three components (from top to bottom):
-Bulb adapter
-Stock socket harness

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iJDMTOY is excited to announce….


Our old storefront is closed for the remainder of the year. Join us for our GRAND RE-OPENING on JANUARY 4, 2016

Our new address is:
4441 Baldwin Ave. Suite E
El Monte, CA 91731

We hope to see you there, friends!

In the meantime, shoppers can still purchase lights from our website. We do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Thanks for all your support.


GMC Sierra Monster With HID Conversion Kit

The GMC Sierra truck is a hardy, reliable truck that has no limits, so adding a whole new 6000K HID Kit to upgrade the car’s lighting will definitely do it justice. This HID Conversion Kit increases the output of your headlights so you can have better visibility during night driving. This kit converts your factory incandescent lights into something that you’d see on luxury vehicles, except you’re putting this on a huge GMC truck instead.


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2011 Las Vegas SEMA Show Finale Cruise Roll Out

Brought to you by http://www.iJDMTOY.com from 2011 Las Vegas SEMA Show Finale Cruise Roll Out.

GMC Sierra Denali with LED Switchback Turn Signal Lights – Hot and Tempting

iJDMTOY carries supreme quality

This will definitely become one of the hottest posts on our blog.

We installed the 3157 LED front turn signal lights for a local customer. With the LED headlights and turn signal lights, the customer’s GMC Sierra Denali looks amazingly fresh and shining. The 3157 Switchback turn signal lights is equipped with the latest LED lighting technology that makes it the cleanest. The lights will stay on white as daytime running lights when you are driving; and when the turn signal is activated, the lights will automatically instantly switch from white to amber and flash.

gmc - denali - 3157 - switchback - led - bulbs - 5

gmc - denali - 3157 - switchback - led - bulbs - 4

gmc - denali - 3157 - switchback - led - bulbs - 6

gmc - denali - 3157 - switchback - led - bulbs - 1

gmc - denali - 3157 - switchback - led - bulbs - 8

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