The Perfect Combo: HID Conversion Kit and LED Interior Lights for 2005 Honda Pilot

HID lights are the latest and innovative piece of invention in today’s automotive technology. HID lights will offer a stylish and unique appearance to all cars. You don’t need to drive a sports car in order to appreciate HID lights. HID Conversion Kit provides excellent lighting for greater vision at night and leaves a stylish impression to the car and driver.

2005 - honda - pilot - hid - conversion - kit - 1

HID lights are far brighter than regular halogen lights. It’s unique color and sharper brightness stands out exceptionally well at night. With just a couple bucks, drivers can change their car completely different with the HID Conversion Kit. The powerful illumination provides a great benefit to drivers who drive for long hours at night. The brighter light offers greater vision for a more comfortable and safer drive.

2005 - honda - pilot - hid - conversion - kit - 2

HID Conversion Kit will provide excellent lighting for the headlights but it won’t provide any light in the interior of an automobile. Drivers will often find themselves unsatisfied with their stock interior bulbs. To simply say, they’re just too dim! LED interior lights will provide brighter output of lighting and completely give your car a 180 degree turn in appearance.

Xenon white LED interior lights will bathe your car in a more natural color, similar to sunlight. The powerful yet not blinding output of LED interior lights will completely change your car’s atmosphere. Passengers will be impressed. Drivers, as yourself, will find those loose change they dropped underneath their seat.

2005 - honda - pilot - dome - interior - lights - 3

2005 - honda - pilot - dome - interior - lights - 4

The HID Conversion Kit is a popular investment to many drivers yet it still remains uncommon on the road. The distinctive color and superior brightness leaves an outstanding impression to even the plainest cars. Beside its beautiful color and strong illumination, the HID Conversion Kit can provide a safer and more comfortable drive during night time. Driving for a long period of time at night can cause tension, fatigue and stress to any driver. Reduce those troubles with HID lights.

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Your Visibility with D4S HID Bulbs for 2007 Lexus IS250

A perfect car needs to have perfect lights. The 2007 Lexus IS250 needs to have Garax HID lights. HID lights perfect a car in any way. With its beautiful color and design it goes well on all cars. HID lights are like ketchup with fries, sprinkles on top of ice cream. They add the finishing touch that all cars lack.

There are no other substitutes for Garax HID lights. The color and brightness is simply remarkable. Amber was so yesteryear. Drivers are switching to Xenon White HID lights. Even in action movies, the hero’s car stands out with HIDs among the crowd of amber halogen headlights. Do you want to be the hero or man number 47?

2007 - lexus - is250 - garax - hid - d4s - bulbs - 3

That unique shine is irreplaceable. D4S HID Bulbs offers distinctive appearance only HID lights can offer. With just a couple bucks HID lights will transform your car completely new. The brighter illuminated and sleek color of HIDs can offer both a casual and formal appearance on your car.

We need light to see. We need light to read. We need backlight to see our computer monitor. We need light to drive. Garax HID will provide the sufficient amount of light regular halogen stock bulbs cannot provide. Unless you drive around with your high beams on all night, HID lights are the perfect source of light you’ll need. 2007 - lexus - is250 - garax - hid - d4s - bulbs - 2

HID lights are noticeable during the day too. Your car will look better day and night. New seats or new rims can be expensive and the appearance is limited. But D4S HID Bulbs is a smart and inexpensive investment that will dramatically alter your car’s appearance.

2007 - lexus - is250 - garax - hid - d4s - bulbs - 1

Garax HID lights can be a benefit to the driver as they are far brighter so the long drives at night won’t feel as long. Better light means better vision. Drivers can be comfortable driving for long hours at night with complete visibility.           

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Brighter than Sunlight: HID BMW Angel Eyes vs. Mid-noon Sunshine

hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 7 1

Supervised by the brightness of the angel eyes in the pictures? This is our secret gift for bimmer drivers – HID angel eyes. The HID angel eyes are much brighter than the regular angel eyes, and make your BMW more stunning on the road.

hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 5 1

We’ve installed the lights for a 2010 BMW X5 and a 2010 BMW E92 335i. The lights work great and add a sleek look to the bimmer. Now we are looking for a 2008 and up BMW E60 5 series to test this product. If drive one, visit our store in the LA area and we’ll give you a set for free and install the light for you. Enjoy the pictures.   

hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 3 1

hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 4 1

hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 6 1

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D1S HID Bulbs for 2006 BMW 530i: A Bright Idea for Brilliant Drivers

You drive a BMW, isn’t it about time you treat it like a BMW? Give your 2006 BMW 530i the best kind of headlights by installing HID lights. Regular stock bulbs can become dull and boring. HID lights come in a variation of colors. So go on ahead and pick whichever color matches your style.

2006 - bmw - 530i - d1s - hid - bulbs - lights - 1

HID lights are beautiful. When you watch movies like Fast Five, don’t you notice all the protagonists’ cars are installed with HID lights? You don’t see Vin Diesel with amber colored stock headlights. Even Optimus Prime is decked out with HID lights and he’s a truck. Exactly my point; HID lights look good on any vehicle. They can’t go wrong.

Our customer’s BMW is installed with 6000K D1S HID Bulbs. HID lights range in different colors from 6000K to 12000K, the lower the closer it is to white, the higher the cooler the colors become.

2006 - bmw - 530i - d1s - hid - bulbs - lights - 2

6000K resembles closely to natural sunlight which provides better comfort for drivers especially during long drives at night. The brighter and powerful light increases visibility too.

Even in broad daylight, the HID lights can still be used. They are noticeably brighter during the day too. The pure Xenon White color adds a dramatic and stylish change to the vehicle. HID lights can offer a casual or a formal look to your car for any occasion.

2006 - bmw - 530i - d1s - hid - bulbs - lights - 3

2006 - bmw - 530i - d1s - hid - bulbs - lights - 4

Another perfect example; inside a parking structure. HID lights can be used daytime and nighttime and of course indoors such as parking structures or tunnels and will provide excellent lighting for visibility.

I really like the color of D1S HID Bulbs. 6000K offers a beautiful clean and crisp white color matching almost all cars in shapes, size and color. If you like to be bold, you can always choose different colors like blue or purple HID lights.

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HID Lights for Nissan 350Z: Improvement in Automotive Technology

The difference between stock headlights and HID Lights is simple. Beauty. HID Lights are far better looking even a child can tell you that. D2S HID Bulbs for the Nissan 350Z is a must. It’s almost a crime for not installing the HID bulbs for your 350Z. D2S HID Bulbs for Nissan 350Z is like cream with your coffee, fries with your burger, and Barbie with Ken. In short, they are made for each other.  

Did you see Fast Five? Notice how all the cars are installed with HID Lights? The movie would be so lame if all the cars were installed with their stock headlights. A Nissan 350Z deserve the best headlights.

nissan - 350z - d2s - hid - builbs - lights - 1

HID Lights isn’t just a pretty face. They are also beneficial to a driver’s safety in driving. The brighter output will offer more beneficiary lighting at night yet not blinding like high beams. HID Lights also have a much longer life than stock head lights. This is ideal for drivers who invest on a car until it dies.

HID Lights is a smart investment. They provide a dramatic change to your car and will perform as long as your car’s expected life. I can’t find a single flaw why drivers don’t switch to HID lights. I guess the reason would be that drivers prefer the boring amber color over xenon white. But we’re not boring are we?

nissan - 350z - d2s - hid - builbs - lights - 3

D2S HID Bulbs will transform your 350Z completely without forming a hole in your wallet because we all know how tight our budget is in today’s economy. So instead of getting a paint job or changing your seats, why not spend a couple bucks actually worth spending on?

nissan - 350z - d2s - hid - builbs - lights - 2

HID Lights has become the next complement for cars. We see them in our daily lives but not enough. They are everywhere in auto shows. They are seen installed onto the protagonist’s car in action movies. They are the feature that distinguishes a driver and a car enthusiast.

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