2013 Honda Civic Looks Sharper with Honda Civic LED DRL

Today’s 2013 Honda Civic benefits from a significant refresh and with the featured Honda Civic LED DRL upgrade, this car looks awesome. You just can’t miss the super cool front-end look that clearly follows sporty lines – black honeycomb mesh grille, more aggressive front bumper, great styling and LED Civic High Beam DRL.

Honda Civic High Beam LED DRL 1

When the Error Free 9005 (HB3) LED DRL kit from iJDMTOY was installed, this happy customer took some pictures of his Civic and posted them on a famous Honda Civic Forum. As you might expect, only positive feedbacks were received from many car enthusiasts. Once he got rid of the yellow light and replaced the stock DRL bulbs with the Error Free 9005 LED bulbs, everybody loved the new sharper look of his 2013 Honda Civic.

Honda Civic High Beam LED DRL 2

You can upgrade the front-end look in just a few minutes with this completely plug and play product, too, as this 9005 LED bulb will directly replace the stock 55W 9005 (aka HB3) halogen bulb on the high beam function as daytime running lights. A special DRL decoder set will ensure the LED bulbs light up without malfunction issue nor flickering issue and you’ll get a nice HID matching look without paying for HID kit.

Honda Civic High Beam LED DRL 3

Installation is very easy – first make sure the car is off and remove both left and right stock daytime running light bulbs and harness. Then connect back with the special harness to one side, and one resistor decoder to the other side. Next plug both LED bulbs to the special wiring and plug the other resistor decoder as well. Finally install back with the 9005 (HB3) LED bulbs on each side and you are good to go!

This 2013 Honda Civic really stands out from the crowd and the Honda Civic LED DRL kit from iJDMTOY contributes to the fact. Here we talk about combination of quality, brightness, safety and style – this is what you get for your money! If you want to give your car an awesome luxury look and safety improvement, then opt in for this high quality Civic High Beam DRL kit.

9005 HB3 LED Daytime Running Light Bulbs

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