2009 BMW 650i – a Fabulous Pearl with LED BMW Angel Eyes

A 2009 BMW 650i and LED BMW Angel Eyes – a perfect visual symbiosis! This is what I call a real beauty – the fabulous pearly white bimmer is nothing, but awesome. You even might get shivers while looking at it only half shown from the dark garage with its LED BMW Angel Eyes switched on… No, this isn’t ad footage! This is the new LED product from iJDMTOY – The High Power BMW Angel Eyes H8 LED Ring Marker Bulbs

9005 LED DRL 1

Admit it – the 2009 BMW 650i is extremely stylish and beautiful car, but these new LED Angel Eyes took the ride into a whole new dimension! Style, appearance, impression – all of these got a whole new meaning when the stock dull yellow look was replaced with this nice xenon white HID matching look. The secret of the super bright rings is hidden in the revolutionary new design of the iJDMTOY’s 60-degree Wide Angle High Power H8 LED ring marker bulbs. To sum things up, what you get is a maximum lighting output to light up the BMW Angel Eyes much brighter! What’s more – each bulb is enough to power up two rings on each side.

9005 LED DRL 2

Let me tell you the best part – you can install this awesome LED product at your place in no time! Don’t worry – it is as easy as one, two, three. First make sure the engine is turned off and key is off, too. Then proceed and locate the angel eye ring bulb cap, open it and remove the stock H8 halogen bulbs. Take the clamp, included in the package and use it to fold the 60 degrees wide angle H8 LED bulb and install it back to the H8 housing. Next, connect the Wide Angle H8 Angel Eye Bulb to the Error Free Decoder and plug the decoder back to the stock harness. Finally, make sure the LED bulb is directly facing the Angel Eye Ring Tube Opening for maxima lighting performance. That’s it! Take some steps back and enjoy the new LED look of your BMW!

9005 LED DRL 3

Here we have a 2009 BMW 650i, but please note that these awesome BMW Angel Eyes will fit in other BMW models such as 2010 BMW 6 Series LCI version, E90 Sedan 2009 and up, E92 Coupe 2008 and up, E90 M3 2009 and up, E92 M3 2008 and up, E93 Convertible 2008 and up, etc. Make sure the BMW has factory equipped HID headlights, otherwise this kit won’t fit in. However, more models are compatible with this LED set, but for full list, check out the iJDMTOY online shop and look for this fantastic LED upgrade.

High Power LED BMW Angel Eyes H8 Ring Marker Bulbs

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BMW E70 X5 LED Angel Eyes Upgrade Review

New Page 1

Xenon white LED angel eyes are an improvement to BMW angel eyes, which are daytime running lights to give driver awareness when the headlights are not on. Some call BMW angel eyes "demon eyes" for the intimidating appearance they give when coming down the road. The factory equipped BMW angel eyes are a Mars orange color. Some prefer a whiter look that contrasts well with the HID headlights on the BMW. In this case, you should not settle with factory angel eyes but upgrade to durable LED angel eyes. Unlike CCFL angel eyes, the LED angel eyes will light up no matter the weather condition. You always get the perfect halo ring.

The LED angel eyes have a hyper white 7000K color with a hint of blue. You can compare the difference of our LED angel eyes with the OEM angel eyes notice the difference. Our cool white LED angel eyes and much more laid back and cool looking than yellow BMW angel eyes which are hardly noticeable. The angel eye kit comes with a clamp, CAN-bus controllers, and H8 LED ring marker bulbs.

To set you up for the installation, we have a guide on our tech-support page under Installation Guide for BMW Angel Eyes. There is a thirty day money-back policy if you happen to dislike these BMW angel eyes.

The BMW angel eyes are compatible with the following vehicles:

1 Series: E87 Hatchback 2008 and up
          E82 Coupe 2008 and up

3 Series: E90 Sedan 2009 and up
          E92 Coupe 2007 and up
          E92 M3 2009 and up
          E93 Convertible 2008 and up

X Series: E70 X5 2007 and up
          E71 X6 2008 and up

Z Series: E89 Z4 2009 and up

Below: 2008 BMW X5 with H8 LED Angel Eye Bulbs

BMW - X5 - Angel - Eyes - 1

BMW - X5 - Angel - Eyes - 2

BMW - X5 - Angel - Eyes - 3

BMW - X5 - Angel - Eyes - 4

BMW - X5 - Angel - Eyes - 5

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