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Get ready, set, and go shop at iJDMTOY’s 2014 Black Friday Sale! We’ve been planning this for a while so that you can take advantage of the sale we’re having. Use promo code BF18 and take 18% off your purchase! This deal is good from 11/27/14-11/30/14 so you have four whole days to shop for your favorite LED daytime running lights, LED halo rings, HID Conversion Kits, or even little decals and car accessories.

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Infiniti G37 LED Reverse Light, LED Switchback, and LED Wedge Bulbs Come Together

One of the most rewarding aspects of installing any kind of car upgrades is probably the satisfaction of seeing your work come to life. Whether it’s something simple like new LED panel lights or even some insane headlight retrofit, car modifications showcase the driver’s creativity and design. The LED upgrades in Thomas’ Infiniti G37 sedan are on a whole different level than the stock incandescent bulbs and rightfully so. The LED reverse light bulbs, LED Switchback turn signal bulbs, and T10 LED wedge bulbs really bring the car together.

Infiniti G37 Thomas 08

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Universal LED Daytime Running Lights On an Infiniti G37

I am sure many can agree that LED Daytime Running Lights gives most vehicles a stylish front end appearance. Sadly, not all vehicle manufacturers are like Mercedes, Porsche and Audi. However, there is an alternative to achieve that look at a small fraction of the cost with a universal 6-LED Philips style high power DRL kit. The 6-LED Philips style high power DRL kit can be installed on virtually any vehicle with its dimensions.

The 6-LED Philips style high power DRL kit is universal so of course you do have to do some research on how you will mount it on your vehicle. However, the Infiniti G37 coupe has an empty faux mesh plastic on the bottom of the bumper where fog lights are generally located. The Infiniti G37 has a very aggressive front end with sharp body lines. The 6-LED Philips style high power DRL kit adds onto an already beautiful front end with a clean OEM look.

Infiniti G37 LED Daytime Running Lights 1
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Safety and Confidence with W212 Daytime Running Lights for 2011 Infiniti M37

Daytime Running Lights improve our vision on the road during the day of course. But just how reliable are they? While it may be unnoticeable, W212 Daytime Running Lights will perform better than regular filament stock bulbs. Its LED technology will provide brighter lighting and wider output. In other words, you’ll drive safer and more confident with W212 Daytime Running Lights.

Infiniti - M37 - LED - DRL - 3

Infiniti - M37 - LED - DRL - 2

These Daytime Running Lights are Mercedes E Class Style LED lights. The distinctive style of Mercedes E Class can now be installed onto your 2011 Infiniti M37 for a superior unique appearance. You drive an Infiniti M37, it’s about time you treat it like one. The best looking lights are mandatory. W212 Daytime Running Lights are only one of the many separate accessories you should treat your M37.

LED technology consumes less energy from your battery which is ideal due to the fact that these bulbs are turned on all day. LED bulbs also last much longer than regular filament bulbs. In other words, Mercedes E Class Style LED in the long run will turn out to be a better investment.

With a little bit of dough, the W212 Daytime Running Lights can provide a completely new look to your car. And it’s plug and play simple installation, drivers will not only spend few bucks, they will spend a few minutes to improving their cars completely.

Infiniti - M37 - LED - DRL - 1

Mercedes E Class Style LED lights complements well with HID lights. The bright individual LED bulbs will emit on par with your HID lights! Mercedes E Class Style LED will offer a unique and stylish appearance for the car and driver. Besides its appearance, W212 Daytime Running Lights provide excellent lighting to improve driver’s vision. That extra light is perfect for the extra bit amount of light drivers need in order to drive safely and confidently.

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