BMW X5 with LED Interior: Posh, Plush, and Perfection

The BMW LED Interior Light package is everything you could ever want in terms of the lighting you could upgrade in the cabin of your prized Bimmer X5. The interior light package comes with map/dome lights, side door courtesy lights, foot area lights, and if you have a 2007-2013 BMW X5, it even comes with cargo area lights. This package covers most of the bulbs needed for the most common trims, but if you have a special trim, you may not need as many bulbs in the first place. Just pick your trim and the package will have the bulbs that correspond with the choice you picked.

BMW LED Interior X5 01
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The Perfect Combo: HID Conversion Kit and LED Interior Lights for 2005 Honda Pilot

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HID lights are the latest and innovative piece of invention in today’s automotive technology. HID lights will offer a stylish and unique appearance to all cars. You don’t need to drive a sports car in order to appreciate HID lights. HID Conversion Kit provides excellent lighting for greater vision at night and leaves a stylish impression to the car and driver.

2005 - honda - pilot - hid - conversion - kit - 1

HID lights are far brighter than regular halogen lights. It’s unique color and sharper brightness stands out exceptionally well at night. With just a couple bucks, drivers can change their car completely different with the HID Conversion Kit. The powerful illumination provides a great benefit to drivers who drive for long hours at night. The brighter light offers greater vision for a more comfortable and safer drive.

2005 - honda - pilot - hid - conversion - kit - 2

HID Conversion Kit will provide excellent lighting for the headlights but it won’t provide any light in the interior of an automobile. Drivers will often find themselves unsatisfied with their stock interior bulbs. To simply say, they’re just too dim! LED interior lights will provide brighter output of lighting and completely give your car a 180 degree turn in appearance.

Xenon white LED interior lights will bathe your car in a more natural color, similar to sunlight. The powerful yet not blinding output of LED interior lights will completely change your car’s atmosphere. Passengers will be impressed. Drivers, as yourself, will find those loose change they dropped underneath their seat.

2005 - honda - pilot - dome - interior - lights - 3

2005 - honda - pilot - dome - interior - lights - 4

The HID Conversion Kit is a popular investment to many drivers yet it still remains uncommon on the road. The distinctive color and superior brightness leaves an outstanding impression to even the plainest cars. Beside its beautiful color and strong illumination, the HID Conversion Kit can provide a safer and more comfortable drive during night time. Driving for a long period of time at night can cause tension, fatigue and stress to any driver. Reduce those troubles with HID lights.

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360 Degree Shine Interior LED Bulbs, Perfect for Your Nissan Junk

The high quality 5-SMD T10 LED bulb is one of our bestselling LED bulbs.

Most of our customers ended up getting extras after trying their first pair.

Colin, our best friend and one of best customers, upgrade his car interior lights with LED bulbs soon as he got his new Nissan Junk.

Here he shared some pictures of his new Nissan Junk LED lights.

Each Hyper Flux T10 bulb contains 5-pieces high quality bright 3-Cell 5050 Cree Made Surface Mounting Tech (SMT) SMD chips.

Compared to those blue color painted tungsten bulbs, LED interior bulbs last longer and consume less power of your car.

This 360 degrees shine LED bulb is also a direct replacement for parking city lights, side marker lights, and license plate lights.

See how the car looks with the new LED dome lights.

2011 - nissan - junk - led - interior - lights3

2011 - nissan - junk - led - interior - lights1

2011 - nissan - junk - led - interior - lights4

2011 - nissan - junk - led - interior - lights2

Buy 5-SMD T10 LED bulbs

We carry Xenon White, Ultra Blue or Brilliant Red 5-SMD T10 LED bulbs in stock.

JDM Xenon White or Ultra Blue 360-Degree Shine 5-SMD 5050 T10 LED Wedge Light Bulbs for 168 194 921 2825JDM Xenon White or Ultra Blue 360-Degree Shine 5-SMD 5050 T10 LED Wedge Light Bulbs for 168 194 921 2825

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