Porsche Cayman Looks Better with H11 LED Bulbs for Fog Lights

2010 Porsche Cayman is one of the few cars that you can buy with your heart and your head, but if you want some more style, then go for H11 LED Bulbs for fog lights. Check out the lovely HID headlights and LED Fog Lights combination in addition to the small LED running lights stolen from the latest Audi, that adorn the front lower grills – this ride can literally leave you speechless. The super bright 68-SMD LED bulbs will definitely make this car more visible in bad weather, thus safer and sleeker.

Porsche Cayman H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs 1

The stock 2010 Porsche Cayman comes with yellowish fog lights, that are everything else, but not nice. If I had a vehicle like that, I’d plug in the new H11 LED Bulbs right on. Actually, I think that this upgrade should be included in the standard equipment, considering the fact that LED bulbs are longer-lasting and consume less power than conventional halogen units. After all, less consumed power means improvement in fuel economy, which is a key factor in such sports car.

Porsche Cayman H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs 2

Anyway, even if you don’t own Porsche Cayman, this H11 LED bulb is direct replacement for OEM H11 (H8) halogen bulb and could be used for fog lights or daytime running lights in any other vehicle. Installation is a piece of cake, because you have to find the original bulbs and replace them with these beautiful LED ones. However, for some vehicles like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc which have on board computer, gathering information about lights, you might need to add a pair of Error Free Decoder Wiring Kit, which will solve any issues.

Even this 2010 Porsche Cayman needed some small add-on to turn it into a head-turner – the LED Fog Lights. It’s well-known that all fancy options offered by Porsche can drive the price skyward quickly, so you don’t have to purchase expensive HID products, when you can get the same effect with the featured H11 LED Bulbs from iJDMTOY for a fraction of the price.

H11 (aka H8) Hyper-Flux LED Bulbs For Fog Lights or Driving Lights

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2011 BMW M3 with BMW i8 LED Knight Rider Light

LED Knight Rider Light 1

If BMW says “Welcome to a new vision of our automotive future”, we say “Check out this 2011 BMW M3 with LED Knight Rider Light”. Almost every car enthusiast knows the famous BMW Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics plug-in hybrid and its famous glowing kidney grille. This iconic element made us think about providing our customers with something really cool and here we are presenting you our LED Scanner Bar installed on a BMW E92 M3.

LED Knight Rider Light 2

This upgrade is a really cool stuff, which adds a lot more than just a style to your ride. It adds individuality and bits from the future. One look at the pictures is enough to see the super bright light that emits this strip. Imagine you see that 2011 BMW M3 at night with grille LED lights switched on – do you feel the shivers down your back? Because we really felt something and it was more like “This car comes from the future!”

If you purchase this product, you will receive one waterproof 24" 48 LED Scanner Bar with the necessary wiring and a remote control with several functions. What’s more, we offer this LED Knight Rider Light in seven colors – red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan and white. The remote control has a range of 60ft, which is enough to show off with your car from a distance.

Don’t own a BMW? This is not a problem at all, as this LED Scanner Bar is a universal product, which will fit it every vehicle. It can be used for lighting up your car interior or car exterior behind the grill for show purpose. Give your vehicle the modern and stylish look of the i8, the car that made a real breakthrough in the automotive industry with its glowing kidney grille – just like this 2011 BMW M3 with LED Scanner Bar installed.

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2010 LA Auto Show Debut Pictures And More!

Recently we went to the LA Auto Show (Los Angeles International Auto Show) and saw a variety of new cars, concept cars, car designs, etc. The 2010 Auto Show featured cars such as BMW, Audi, historical cars like the first Porsche imported to the US, JDM cars like the Honda CR-Z, and so many others we decided to post some pics for you guys!

6 Series Concept 1

BMW 6 Series Concept Car (above)

6 Series Concept 2

BMW 6 Series Concept Car

Audi R8 CT

Audi R8 CT

First Porsche Imported to US

First Ever Porsche Imported Into The US

JDM Honda CR - Z

JDM Honda CR-Z

Lexus GS450 Hybrid

Lexus GS – 450 Hybrid

Lexus LS600L

Lexus LS – 600L

Mazda Concept (Next RX - 7 Maybe)

Mazda Concept (Maybe the next RX – 7)

Mercedes E Class LED DRL 1

Mercedes E Class LED DRL

Mercedes E Class LED DRL 2

Mercedes E Class LED DRL

New Dodge Charger

New Dodge Charger

New Mercedes CL CLass

New Mercedes CL Class

New Mercedes CLS Class

New Mercedes CLS Class

Toyota Sienna VIP Style

Toyota Sienna VIP Style

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Installation Guide For 7-Color LED Under car lights (LED underbody kit)

Under car lights, also known as underbody lighting kit has always been a great "add-on" for cars, SUVs and trucks.

If you have ever played any video games about car racing, you will definitely recall seeing the cars with the cool under body lights glowing on the street make the awesome and loud "noise".

The under car lights can bring the vehicle not only extra light at night time but also a new accent cool new look. These underbody kit allows you to standout in the crowds and give your car or truck the a nice theme to be envied for.

The new generation of the car underbdoy lights, the LED under car lights, are gradually replacing the old style neon under car lights which not only dimmer than LED lights but also carry some the risk of exploding during driving or even when the vehicle is parked.

Besides the dimmer and exploding risk, the LED light will also last longer and consume less power than conventional Neon light.

Lastly, by using RGB Technology (Red-Green-Blue), the LED strip light can also emit a combination of 7 different colors which is more colorful than Neon, the 7 colors are Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B), Yellow (G+R), Magenta (R+B), Cyan (B+G), White (R+G+B).

If you are just wondering on how to install the 7-Color LED under car lights, please continue reading the New 7-Color LED Under Car Lights and Installation Guide on EzineArticles.

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JDM Sound Active 7-Color Undercar Underbody LED Neon Glow Lighting Kit with Wireless Remote Control (2 x 36" & 2 x 24")

JDM Sound Active 7-Color Undercar Underbody LED Neon Glow Lighting Kit with Wireless Remote Control (2 x 36" & 2 x 24")

JDM Sound Active 7-Color Undercar Underbody LED Neon Glow Lighting Kit with Wireless Remote Control (2 x 36" & 2 x 24")

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