BMW 135i with Hella Style LED Daytime Lamps (DRL)

Driving BMW 135i like this one here, will put a smile on your face every time you step on the gas pedal, but if you want to put smiles on other people’s faces, check out this lovely aftermarket LED Daytime Lamps. Each lamp has 10 pieces high power SMD LEDs to achieve maximum lighting output, making the car more noticeable from greater distance. Besides the safety improvement, this add-on perfectly matches the aggressive and sporty BMW appearance.

BMW 135i Hella Style LED Daytime Lamps 1

The featured modern universal fit Hella Style LED DRL are commonly installed in between the bumper grille, just like in this BMW 135i, or below bumper – where mounting in between the grill plastic gap is not possible. The output is very bright for both daytime and night time, and thanks to the ultra-slim design, these LED Daytime Lamps will definitely add some style to your ride.

BMW 135i Hella Style LED Daytime Lamps 2

Mounting the LED DRLs is not a hard task, but will take some time, especially if you want to be precise. Let’s say you want to put these lights in between the bumper grille. First you have to take the grille off. Look for some screws and/or tabs, that may hold it and proceed carefully trying not to break something. Once you take off the grille, find a place to mount the DRL and secure it with the provided mounting brackets from the package. Make sure the lamp is secured firmly and once you are ready with this, connect the wiring harness. Test if light is working and then put back the grill piece. Repeat the above procedure with the other grille piece and enjoy the brand new euro look of your car.

BMW 135i Hella Style LED Daytime Lamps 3

If you look at this BMW 135i with the Hella Style LED DRL installed and like the way it stands out, then you should try this add-on on your car, too. Even if you don’t have a car that puts you into the sweet spot of the torque curve, such inexpensive and stylish add-on can do wonders to your car’s appearance.

Hella LEDayLine Style 10-LED LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) Lamps

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2010 BMW X5 Stands Out with 9-LED DRL Day Light Kit

The owner of this nice 2010 BMW X5 wanted to fresh up the appearance of his ride and picked the Xenon White 9-LED DRL Kit from iJDMTOY. The new BMW LED Day Light provides a great modification that has been specifically designed to be fitted in between the front bumper and make your car look just like the newest European luxury vehicles such as Audi A5, Q7; Porsche Cayenne, Carrera; 2010 and up Mercedes E Class.

BMW X5 9-LED DRL Day Light Kit 1

So, if you have already upgraded your headlights with HID kits, then this 9-LED DRL Kit is a perfect addon that improves vehicle visibility when operating on the road and besides the safety improvement, it looks hot! The new slim and modern appearance fits many vehicles that have enough space under the bumper just like the featured 2010 BMW X5, X6, BMW E90/E92 328i/335i/M3, Infiniti G35/G37, etc, but before purchasing, please make sure the space in between the bumper is long and wide enough for this LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) lamp to fit.

BMW X5 9-LED DRL Day Light Kit 2

This 9-LED DRL Kit comes with the wiring harness for easy installation. It take about 20 minutes for a non-experienced car enthusiast to put these bad boys in action. All you have to do is take off the grill plastic piece and mount the LED Daytime Running Light in between the grill plastic gap or wherever you like and secure it with screws or 3M tape. If the LED Driving Light Lamp is a little bit too long, you can trim off the clear plastic edge on each side. Put it back and do the same with the other lamp. Run the wires and tap them into sidemarker or parking lights wires. Take a few steps back and enjoy the sleek new look! That’s it, the whole thing should take you less than 20 minutes.

BMW X5 9-LED DRL Day Light Kit 3

If you like the BMW LED Day Light kit on this 2010 BMW X5, then think about pampering your beloved car with a brand new set of very bright during day and night DRL. What’s for sure, you’ll get a lot of great comments from people, because your car will stand out.

BMW X5 9-LED DRL Day Light Kit 4

BMW X5 9-LED DRL Day Light Kit 5

9 LED Daytime Running Lights DRL Kit

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2011 Infiniti G37 Sedan Looks Sleek with LED DRL

Today’s featured ride is this 2011 Infiniti G37 Sedan with very nice addon – LED DRL. It is well-known, that Infiniti’s G Sedan was the first Japanese luxury car that could truly compete with the best European compact and mid-size luxury performance sedans. And with these LED Driving Lamps the G37’s combination of performance, luxury and price give it a leg up on models such as the Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series.

Infiniti G37 Sedan LED DRL Driving Lamps 1

It is true that the 2011 Infiniti G37 Sedan is wrapped in a well-tailored suit of sleekness to avoid looking over-styled, but such LED DRL addon looks just in place in between the Infiniti’s distinctive lower grille. Ain’t this a perfect spice up to the set of large L-shaped headlamps and lower fog lights? I guess you’ll be very excited if I tell you that the same awesome LED DRL from iJDMTOY is an universal fit kit with advanced automatic on/off switch.

Infiniti G37 Sedan LED DRL Driving Lamps 2

The LED-Day-Light Style 5-LED High Power kit increase vehicle’s visibility for safer driving. These lights are compliant with existing DRL regulations and add a stylish look of high performance to any vehicle. What’s more, the automatic DRL On/Off switch turns on the LED lights automatically at the start of the engine and turns them off when engine is off. Pretty cool, huh? And the best part is that you can install the ultra-slim LED DRL in a few minutes with no modifications needed. Simply connect this advanced automatic on/off switch directly to battery’s positive and negative and that’s it – enjoy the Xenon White Philips Style look of your ride.

Infiniti G37 Sedan LED DRL Driving Lamps 3

The owner of this 2011 Infinity G37 Sedan is very happy with the LED DRL addon and if you think about how such small improvement takes the elegant and sleek sedan to the next level, then you might consider purchasing LED Driving Lamps from iJDMTOY, too. I bet you’ll be quite satisfied with the look and the light output – it is truly amazing. Despite the fact these lights are very bright and very noticeable day or night, you shouldn’t use them only when driving at night time.

Infiniti G37 Sedan LED DRL Driving Lamps 4

Infiniti G37 Sedan LED DRL Driving Lamps 5

Philips Style 5-LED High Power LED Daytime Running Light

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Honda S2000 with Very Nice And Stylish LED DRL

This Honda S2000 is a real proof that any vehicle is more visible with its DRL on and here we have the ultimate example – white car in a dark winter day. These two pictures were taken by a friend on facebook who wanted to show us his S2000 DRL, because these nice and stylish DRL are the same 5-LED Daytime Running Lights we carry. Actually, this trendy accessory is known as Brabus Style LED DRL, named after the famous Mercedes-Benz Tuner.

S2000 LED DRL 1

Anyway, we admit these look just great! As you can see, the DRL are mounted in between the bumper grill, and give the car a fresh new look. What’s more, this add-on also enhance the safety by making the ride more visible. And at last, but not the least – this is a great way to make impression and attract a great deal of attention. If you like the appearance of this Honda S2K, then you might consider taking a look at iJDMTOY online store for Brabus Style LED Daytime Lights. These lights can be easily mounted for any cars, SUVs or trucks in less than an hour! The price is amazing and the quality is very good.

S2000 LED DRL 2

Each LED Daytime Running Light Lamp has 5 pieces super bright LED Lights and comes with wiring harness for easy installation. The design is very elegant, smooth and ultra-slim, which means these lamps will look just fine on any vehicle. Each lamp is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry whether it is raining cats and dogs all day or just driving over puddles – these bad boys will remain intact.

In conclusion, these LED DRL are a heck of a nice touch to this guy’s Honda S2000 and make it look a thousand times better. Here we talk about combination of quality, brightness, safety and style – this is what you get for your money! Take a look at the iJDMTOY store and see for yourself.

5-Light LED Daytime Running Lights

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Daytime Running Lights for 2010 BMW X5: A Small Investment for a Grand Performance

Daytime Running Lights. Just what exactly are they and how useful can they serve to my automobile? Well it depends. Often times Daytime Running Lights are tough to shine during the day because the sunlight already overexposes the lights. But with the improvement of LED Daytime Running Lights, the lights become more visible and useful.

2010 - bmw - x5 - led - daytime - running - lights - drl - 1

But it’s daytime, why would I need lights? Even during the day, drivers may find areas that lack lighting such as shaded areas. Many accidents occur due to a lack of visibility – even during the daytime. We believe safety should be a priority and should not be treated secondarily. There’s no such thing as too safe.

These Daytime Running Lights complements very well to our customer’s BMW. Daytime Running Lights serve as a safety precaution but that doesn’t mean it can’t serve as a stylish accessory as well!

2010 - bmw - x5 - led - daytime - running - lights - drl - 5

The series of five individual pure xenon white LED bulbs provide excellent illumination. These aren’t just some cheap Daytime Running Lights, these actually work and serve their purpose! And because of its LED technology, it consumes less power than regular Daytime Running Lights too which is a big relief considering they’re going to be turned on all day.

Purposeful and a nice little touch up in appearance. You can’t go wrong with Daytime Running Lights. These lights can be turned on during nighttime too for a sleek appearance matching very well with your headlights.

2010 - bmw - x5 - led - daytime - running - lights - drl - 2

2010 - bmw - x5 - led - daytime - running - lights - drl - 3

Daytime Running Lights are like a nifty cell phone case, you don’t necessarily need it but it can protect your phone and it adds a nice look to it as well.

Daytime Running Lights are a nice and inexpensive improvement for all drivers. Safety and a little charming look to your BMW separate these Daytime Running Lights to any regular ones. If you’re looking for safety and appearance then do consider Daytime Running Lights, who knows they may be surprisingly useful.

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