SEMA 2011: 2012 FIAT 500 with stylish LED Daytime Lights

5-Light LED Daytime Running LightsLED Daytime Lights 1

Here’s my second stop – the Chrysler FIAT Booth, where I saw this 2012 FIAT 500 and its phenomenal LED Daytime Lights. At first, I was quite surprised with the shining look of this vehicle, but then I realized this was one very good and interesting application of LED Driving Lights. The Ultra-slim Design fits like a glove and is a great match to the whole modern look of the car. In one word – perfect!

LED Daytime Lights 2

Actually, this trendy accessory is known as Brabus Style LED DRL, named after the famous Mercedes-Benz Tuner. With having this awesome kit installed in between the front grill, this tiny 2012 FIAT 500 looks far more better and classy – just like its bigger German brothers. This Xenon White LED add-on makes the whole car look lower and wider and what’s more – this quality product has really powerful output and it was no match to the flashing cameras of all those photographers. Their flashes were nothing more than pathetic – that LED was the real deal!

LED Daytime Lights 3

If you think that these guys at the Chrysler FIAT Booth made an impression with such a fancy product, then you might consider taking a look at JDM Toy online store for Brabus Style LED Daytime Lights. Their incredible product has the same look you see on this 2012 FIAT 500 – very worth the money High Power 5-Light LED DRL, that could be literally used as fog lights – excellent quality at low price! And the coolest thing is that JDM’s kit is universal fit and easily mounted for any cars, SUVs or trucks in between the bumper grill, or below bumper.

LED Daytime Lights 4

When I asked the fellows at the Booth who came up with the idea of installing Brabus Style LED Daytime Lights on the 2012 FIAT 500, they couldn’t tell me, but I had a hunch that they might had visited JDM Toy store for high quality LED accessories.

LED Daytime Lights 5

LED Daytime Lights 6

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Daytime Running Lights for 2010 BMW X5: A Small Investment for a Grand Performance

Daytime Running Lights. Just what exactly are they and how useful can they serve to my automobile? Well it depends. Often times Daytime Running Lights are tough to shine during the day because the sunlight already overexposes the lights. But with the improvement of LED Daytime Running Lights, the lights become more visible and useful.

2010 - bmw - x5 - led - daytime - running - lights - drl - 1

But it’s daytime, why would I need lights? Even during the day, drivers may find areas that lack lighting such as shaded areas. Many accidents occur due to a lack of visibility – even during the daytime. We believe safety should be a priority and should not be treated secondarily. There’s no such thing as too safe.

These Daytime Running Lights complements very well to our customer’s BMW. Daytime Running Lights serve as a safety precaution but that doesn’t mean it can’t serve as a stylish accessory as well!

2010 - bmw - x5 - led - daytime - running - lights - drl - 5

The series of five individual pure xenon white LED bulbs provide excellent illumination. These aren’t just some cheap Daytime Running Lights, these actually work and serve their purpose! And because of its LED technology, it consumes less power than regular Daytime Running Lights too which is a big relief considering they’re going to be turned on all day.

Purposeful and a nice little touch up in appearance. You can’t go wrong with Daytime Running Lights. These lights can be turned on during nighttime too for a sleek appearance matching very well with your headlights.

2010 - bmw - x5 - led - daytime - running - lights - drl - 2

2010 - bmw - x5 - led - daytime - running - lights - drl - 3

Daytime Running Lights are like a nifty cell phone case, you don’t necessarily need it but it can protect your phone and it adds a nice look to it as well.

Daytime Running Lights are a nice and inexpensive improvement for all drivers. Safety and a little charming look to your BMW separate these Daytime Running Lights to any regular ones. If you’re looking for safety and appearance then do consider Daytime Running Lights, who knows they may be surprisingly useful.

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Hella Style LED Daytime Running Lights – No Way You Could Miss it

I run into a 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe in a parking lot installed our high power LED daytime running lights. If you are the owner of this Infiniti, please contact us immediately. We have a special deal for you!

This Hella LEDayLine Style DRL is our best selling LED product, and it's currently on sale. With less than a hundred bucks, you can get the high power lighting output that shines even during daytime.

The 5-LED DRL kit is a universal fit product that can be used for any cars, SUVs or Trucks. As you can see in the pictures, they are commonly installed in between the bumper grille or below bumper to work as as DRL lights or driving lights.

The kit is plug & play: each set comes with a DRL relay harness and mounting brackets. You only need to take off the grill plastic piece and mount the LED lights in between the grill plastic gap.

Our LED daytime running lights are ideal companions for your DTM bumper. The Lights installed on the Infiniti G35 Coupe is 8inches 5-LED, you can also find model-specific DRL for your bumper. 

The gallery should give you an idea how your car will look like. Enjoy!

2004 - infiniti - g35 - coupe - hella - ledayline - drl - 1

2004 - infiniti - g35 - coupe - hella - ledayline - drl - 2

2004 - infiniti - g35 - coupe - hella - ledayline - drl - 5

2004 - infiniti - g35 - coupe - hella - ledayline - drl - 4

More pictures and customer reviews available on the product page: Hella LEDDayline style DRL

Xenon White Hella Style 5-LED High Power LEDayLine LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) Lamps

For step-by-step installation guide, please visit the product page: LED Daytime Running Lights

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Acura TL LED Driving Lights With 9005 DRL Bulbs

Our customer recently installed new LED bulbs with decoders for perfect daytime running lights. These LED DRL bulbs were tested on 2007 and 2008 Acura TL models and work perfectly. It’s an awesome upgrade for your car, by adding daytime running lights. This kit comes with 68-SMD DRL bulbs and an additional decoder set for a perfect functioning daytime running lights. The unique SMD LED chips produce a 6000K white light, which replaces the halogen look for stock bulbs.

To upgrade stock bulbs, follow our simple DIY guide on replacing 9005 lights to daytime running lights. Also read our guides on driving safety with LED driving lights. Have a nice time shopping at iJDMTOY and happy holidays.

Don’t forget our LED daytime lights are 20% until December 10th. This is the time to save on error free LED DRL and stock up on Acura LED bulbs. Shown below are pictures of an Acura TL Type-S with 9005 LED bulbs and decoder set.

Acura - TL - LED - DRL - 1

Acura - TL - LED - DRL - 2

Acura - TL - LED - DRL - 3

Acura - TL - LED - DRL - 4

Featured product: 9005 LED Bulbs with DRL Decoder

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BMW E90 335i Installed LED Strip Lights For DRL

If you like to deck out your car with lights, here is the way to go. LED light strips offer enormous flexibility allowing lights to be placed in the hardest to reach places. LED strip lights are so versatile, they can be installed behind the grill, below the bumper, behind the bumper, as a few examples.

Recently, many cars have added LED lights to exterior design. This is by far the most obvious and visible use. However, our customers have come up with unique ways to implement these LED strips, utilizing them for side doors, interior lighting, and so forth.

As an example, a customer recently installed the famous Audi style LED strip lights for his BMW E90 335i. He loves lights so in addition to his preexisting blue grill lights he added our iJDMTOY flexible strip lights to the underside of his bumper.

Because the flexible strip lights can be used almost anywhere, they were a perfect use for this customer who wanted more lights on his car. The car looks pretty impressive with only the strips lights on, judging from the pictures below.

Since bimmers don’t carry Audi style LED lights, customers have found our website and installed these Audi LED lights on various positions of the headlight. But for more pictures on how to design your headlights with Audi style LED strips, please visit our website.

BMW - E90 - 335i - LED - light - strips - 2

BMW - E90 - 335i - LED - light - strips - 3

BMW - E90 - 335i - LED - light - strips - 4

BMW - E90 - 335i - LED - light - strips - 1

Product: Flexible LED strips | Audi style LED strip lights

JDM Audi A5 Q7 Style Xenon White Side Shine 48-LED Flexible LED Strip Lights For Headlight Lamps

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