Volkswagen Golf DRL Kit: Exact Fit MK6 Golf LED Daytime Lamps

We just helped one of our local customer to install these brand new Xenon White high power direct fit Volkswagen MK6 Golf LED Daytime Lamps last week.

Volkswagen Golf LED DRL 1

Volkswagen Golf LED DRL 2

Volkswagen Golf LED DRL 3

Volkswagen Golf LED DRL

Our super bright LED daytime running light kit will fit all 2010 2011 2012 Volkswagen MK6 Golf (with factory OEM fog lamps), and now available in Xenon White.

To install these LED DRL kit are very simple, just directly replacement plug and play.

Below is our product page:

Exact Fit High Power LED Daytime Running Lights For 2010-2012 Volkswagen MK6 Golf 6

iJDMTOY Exact Fit High Power LED Daytime Running Lights For 2010-2012 Volkswagen MK6 Golf 6


5 stars Color Available: Xenon White
Exact Fit, Plug-N-Play

BRABUS Style LED Daytime Running Lights Far Beyond A Simple DIY

The Mercedes-Benz G class attracts much attentions with its BRABUS LED daytime running lights under the main headlights. The lights lend the car a renewed styling and increase the safety factor. Having a pair of BRABUS style LED DRL installed on your car will definitely add a sexy Euro look to your vehicle.

IJDMTOY's BRABUS style LED bulb is the most cost effective and high quality after-market LED bulbs.

Each lamp is measured at 7.50" (L) x 1.25" (H) x 1.75"(D), and consists of 5 pieces Super Bright 1W High Power LED lights. These super bright LED lights are the perfect add-on for lighting up the exterior of your car.

The LED daytime running lights kit also comes w/ mounting bracket which makes the installation much easier:  You can mount the lamp below the bumper or below the bumper grill. The installation can be finished in less than an hour, but the effect is far beyond a simple DIY.

One of our customers purchased this LED DRL kit for his 2004 Infiniti G35, and amazed at the lighting output.

2004 - infiniti - g35 - daytime - running - lights - drl - 1

2004 - infiniti - g35 - daytime - running - lights - drl - 2

2004 - infiniti - g35 - daytime - running - lights - drl - 7

2004 - infiniti - g35 - daytime - running - lights - drl - 4

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Audi Style LED Daytime Running Lights On BMW 330i

LED daytime running lights are becoming more popular on many vehicles including the Mercedes. These Mercedes style lights (or Audi style as some call it) are lights that fit into the bumper. Popularized by a "euro" look, these daytime running lights add style of Euro running lights onto many vehicles.

These custom fitted lamps have a wide 9-LED span that covers most of the bumper area making the lights look originally part of the car. As is tradition, the lights from iJDMTOY are LED based. These lights give a concentrated shine and are perfect for daytime driving lights.

The LED lights are energy efficient, using 1W per led but provides a high power shine equivalent to lamps running on higher wattage. You can find this item at iJDMTOY, under Audi style LED DRL.

BMW - 330i - led - drl - 1

BMW - 330i - led - drl - 2

Product featured: 9-LED daytime running lights

JDM Audi A5 A6 Style High Power 9-LED Xenon White Daytime Running Light (DRL) Lamp kit

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