15w 9005 LED Daytime Running Lights on a 2012 Acura TL

For majority of the cars you see on the road, you will notice that during the day the daytime running lights are a dull and unattractive yellow color which blends into the other vehicles on the road that share the same light. Car enthusiasts like you and I want to obtain a look that stands out from the rest and create a unique look that will be sure to turn heads where ever you go. We are proud to reveal our 15w High Power 9005 LED replacement bulbs being used on a 2012 Acura TL’s daytime running lights/high beams. Unlike regular LED bulbs which require load resistors and special components to function without errors or flickering, these are installed by themselves and have no issues; the lights operate at 15w so they consume enough power draw to function without needing any special components.

Acura TL 9005 LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs 1

The color of these LED lights are rated at around 4500-5000K so they are an almost perfect match to the factory installed HID/Xenon headlights that come with this vehicle. The high power Samsung LED chip produces a bright 1200 lumen output; a noticeable difference from the factory 800 lumen output during daytime running light mode. The lights are completely plug and play and require no modification to the factory parts, all it needs is a location to mount the fan/ballast/driver assembly just like mounting an HID ballast. A matching set can also be purchased for the fog lights so the same type of light can be used when you are driving at night with your low beam lights on to complete your vehicle’s lighting transformation!

Acura TL 9005 LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs 2

Acura TL 9005 LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs 3

Acura TL 9005 LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs 4

9005 9006 LED Bulbs Upgrading Kit For Headlights or Fog Lights

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2008 Lexus RX350 with Extremely Bright 9005 CREE LED DRL

The owner of this 2008 Lexus RX350 really wanted to make his SUV stand out and went with CREE LED DRL. As you can see, this product is a great addon to the combination of luxury, performance and style. It fits in and works flawlessly with the daytime running lights decoder setup for high beam daytime running lights.

Lexus RX350 9005 CREE LED DRL 1

The secret behind this outstanding look is a pair of high power 9005 CREE LED bulbs, which are twice brighter than conventional 68-SMD 9005 LED bulbs and increase vehicle’s visibility for safer driving. The revolutionary design combines one piece of high power CREE Q5 High Power LED on top, equipped with magnified optical lens and 12 pieces 3-Emitter 5050 SMD on the side. And all this Xenon White 6000K light comes from just one bulb!

Lexus RX350 9005 CREE LED DRL 2

With the correct DRL decoder setup, you can safely plug and play this kit on your vehicle high beam and enable it as daytime running lights. What’s more, you’ll enjoy a trouble-free LED DRL with no flickering, no bulb-out warnings on the dashboard and no malfunction issues at all. Despite the fact we review the CREE LED DRL on 2008 Lexus RX350, this kit will fit for many cars and you can check if you ride is in the list of compatibility vehicles from the product webpage on iJDMTOY’s website.

Lexus RX350 9005 CREE LED DRL 3

Upgrading 2008 Lexus RX350 with error-free CREE LED DRL is a small improvement that takes the elegant and sleek SUV to the next level. This way the owner not only got rid of the stock dull yellowish halogen high beam daytime running lights, but made his DRL very bright and very noticeable. The 9005 CREE LED from iJDMTOY are much brighter than other bulbs out there, and the quality you’ll receive for your money is no less than excellent.

9005 HB3 High Beam LED Daytime Running Lights Kit

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LED Daytime Running Lights for a Scion FR-S/Subaru BR-Z

Since the debut of the new Scion FR-S and Subaru BR-Z, the attention that these cars have received is tremendous. The aftermarket support for these cars has grown quite immensely relative to the time that these cars have been available, since most aftermarket support for newer cars take several years to develop. With the demand of aftermarket support, we are happy to present a replacement LED bulb for daytime running lights.

Scion FR-S LED Daytime Running Lights 1

Installed in the vehicle shown are our 120-SMD 9005 LED Bulbs which have 120-SMD LED chips per bulb and produce a vibrant 6000K Xenon White LED color that will be sure to turn heads and spark conversations with on-lookers. These bulbs are completely plug and play and require no additional components such as resistors, decoders, or harnesses which make this installation as easy as cake. As long as you know how to access the bulbs and replace it, this is a very easy and inexpensive modification for your new FR-S or BR-Z.

Scion FR-S LED Daytime Running Lights 2

Scion FR-S LED Daytime Running Lights 3

Fog Lights or Daytime Running Lights

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Audi A6 Style 9-LED Daytime Running Lights on a BMW

We offer a large variety of LED daytime running lights, some that are vehicle specific and some that are universal which can be made to fit a plethora of vehicles. In this particular case, we have a customer who purchased our 9-LED Daytime Running Lamps and installed it on his BMW.

BMW LED Daytime Running Lights 1

These particular lights are easily installed when there is a mesh grill behind them since they are screwed into the back of the housing through the mesh which holds it in place. Fortunately for this customer, his car’s fog light area was the perfect size to accommodate these lights and required little to no modification to install. The shape and flow of the lamp and application area allowed these lights to fit flush and look very natural there.

BMW LED Daytime Running Lights 2

Our customer connected the wires to these lights directly to his daytime running lights so that when those lights are on, the LED daytime running lamps are also on acting as additional lights. Since there are only two wires coming off the LED lamp, the installation is very easy and straight forward; they just need to be connected to a 12v power source and ground.

BMW LED Daytime Running Lights 3

This item has been made to fit on this customer’s BMW very easily and it can also fit on other vehicles with similar bumper openings like the picture above. This lamp is actually a direct fit item for 2005-2008 Audi C6/A6/S6, but as shown in this article, it can be fitted onto other vehicles if room allows.

BMW LED Daytime Running Lights 4

Audi A6 Style 9-Light LED Daytime Running Lamps

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Kia Optima Looks More Luxurious with Kia Optima DRL Installed

Kia Optima cuts a distinctively aggressive and appealing profile by itself, but today’s Kia Optima DRL LED upgrade will make it look premium. Please note that this product will only fit the Kia Optima with factory equipped fog lamps and not the Hybrid. Anyway, if you want to enhance your K5’s exterior appearance with these long lasting, super bright LED lights and want to be different, you have to get your hands on it and do it.

Kia Optima OEM DRL 1

Installing the featured Kia K5 LED DRL will take some time and some skills are involved, too. Before going further you should know the plastic lamp bezels are unpainted, so you have the option to paint them in any color you want to match with your Kia Optima.

Kia Optima OEM DRL 2

Now, let’s get to the point – first you have to remove the front bumper by removing all the clips and screws from the top cowl portion of the vehicle, as there might be additional clips and screws underneath the bumper and the wheel well. Once you are ready with this task, on the back of the bumper you’ll see the stock fog lamp bezel clips and screws. Remove it carefully and replace it with the new bezel.

Kia Optima OEM DRL 3

Then you have to cut out a portion of the bumper crash beam with an air saw or hacksaw, but cutting this portion will not compromise any driving safety, because the Korea models Kia K5 and the all new 2013 Optima SX (with stock LED DRL) both have the slightly shorter crash beam. However, please check the iJDMTOY website for video and more details on this part.

Once you are ready with the cutting, let’s do the wiring. Locate the OE harness coming from the vehicle and connect it to the 5-pin connector from the DRL lamp. You will use the H11 connector from our lamp to connect to your stock fog lamp. There are two ways to wire the LED DRL to ACC – the first one is DRL always on, the second one is DRL off when fog lights are on and vice versa. For this part you should really see the iJDMTOY tutorial on the product website page. When you finish with this don’t forget to check that everything is working fine before installing the bumper back in place.

This Kia OEM DRL LED kit offers an extraordinary luxurious eye catching appearance to the Kia Optima K5 during the day and definitely worth the money an effort you put in. If you go with the setup that ties into the fog lights, so they are off when fogs are on, you will add another dimension to the front end look with the Xenon White Kia Optima DRL from iJDMTOY.

Exact Fit 12-LED High Power LED Daytime Running Lights

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