2011 MINI Cooper with British Charm and Error Free LED

Error Free LED Parking Lights 1

The 2011 Mini Cooper’s quirky styling and British charm are attention grabbers, but with Error Free LED bulbs installed, this baby is the pearl in the rolling-boutique category. These trendy LED Parking Lights add a touch of modern technology to the neither retro nor heritage design.

Error Free LED Parking Lights 2

Despite the fact the MINI isn’t equipped with HID headlights, these LED bulbs match perfectly to the overall exterior and contribute to the elegant appearance, too. However, this lighting product is a great match to any 6000K HID headlights and will look awesome in both combinations. This Error Free T10 LED bulb has 5 pieces 3-chip 5050 CREE SMD LED lights with built-in load resistors. It is designed to fit most European cars – Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, etc. and could be used as replacements for parking lights, position lights, eyelid lights or license plate lights. These Error Free LED bulbs have some great features and thanks to the advanced technology, you won’t see the annoying "Bulb Out" error message on the dashboard. Please note that this product is not compatible with 2010 & up Volkswagen MK6 GTi for parking lights or license plate lights.

Error Free LED Parking Lights 3

Installing the LED Parking Lights is very easy – all you have to do is to locate the back of the parking light lamp, then twist its socket and plug out the OEM halogen bulb. After that replace the stock 168, 194, 2825, 2825LL, W5W or W5WB bulb to the Error Free LED bulb and insert it back. The LED light is polar sensitive, and if the LED is not lighting up, flip the adapter around. That’s it! Then you and your friends will enjoy the modern interpretation of the classic shape.

Error Free LED Parking Lights 4

After all, this 2011 MINI Cooper with the super cool Error Free LED bulbs is a pint-sized car, that combines gender-neutral cute styling with a decent mechanical package. In short, it’s the cutest shoebox with four wheels on the planet, but with awesome LED Parking Lights from iJDMTOY. The best part is that you can get your car the same LED bulbs and be modern for just a few bucks.

Error Free 5-SMD-5050 T10 2825 W5W LED Bulbs

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2008 Dodge Caliber SRT-4 – Full LED Lights vehicle

LED Bulbs 1

This enthusiast-oriented custom 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT4 is fully LED equipped and includes LED license plate lights, LED backup lights and LED interior lights. As you can see from the pictures, the Xenon White color shines brightly and gives the vehicle a nice luxury touch. Those who favor styling with aggressive edges will enjoy its modern LED look. It seems the owner of that car really wanted to get rid of the stock yellowish halogen bulbs and decided to upgrade his ride with some quality stuff – products from iJDMTOY.

LED Bulbs 2

We’ll start with the brightly lit Xenon White license plate lights of this Dodge Caliber. Just imagine how it will look when it cut off some other vehicle on the road. The brightness of these LED bulbs is emitted effortlessly because of the 360 degree design and makes this vehicle more stylish. This is a very fancy lighting product, which could be seen on some SEMA 2011 show cars.

LED Bulbs 3

Let’s continue with the LED backup lights – these bulbs look almost the same as any other LED bulbs at daytime, but wait for the night to come: this kind of high power LED bulbs is 3 times brighter than OEM halogen bulbs, so most of our customers absolutely love this. These bad boys tear up the darkness.

Finally, the LED interior lights – once installed, the brilliant super bright xenon white LED bulbs are no match to the old stock dull and yellowish bulbs. The difference is huge, so if you need an upgrade to your car interior lights such as map lights and dome lights, these bulbs are perfect. What’s more, LED technology consumes less power, which means that if you forget to switch them off and they stay on all night long, there’s a very big chance you can still start your car next morning.

If you want to give your car a fresh new look, stop by iJDMTOY and place your order on trendy LED lights just like that 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT-4 guy did. You just can’t go wrong with any LED product, because their stuff is top quality. Your car deserves a small touch of luxury and with iJDMTOY you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it.

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Jotech JB2 Nissan GT-R got LED License Plate Lights

LED License Plate Lights 1

Jotech JB2 Motorsports presented Stage 4 Nissan GT-R on this year’s SEMA Show, and as you will see, these guys really pay attention to the details. It seems that LED License Plate Lights are very trendy these days, and I found them installed on this lambo green 942 HP GT-R show car. As you see, these LED bulbs are very bright – they are clearly visible in daytime and the xenon white color gives a nice look to this ride.

LED License Plate Lights 2

Many other tuners presented powerful and stylish performance cars, but Jotech JB2 Motorsports really made an impression with these elegant LED License Plate Lights. And as it turned out, that wasn’t everything – the Texas tuner used the same 5-SMD JB2 168 LED bulbs for the parking lights, too. Such combination is really awesome, as it gives the car that small touch of style, which takes the whole vehicle one level up.

LED License Plate Lights 3

Having Stage 4 Nissan GT-R tuned by Jotech JB2 Motorsports is not the most likely thing to happen to me, but I don’t need the extensive tuning knowledge and capabilities of a world-class tuner like Kenny Tran with his 14 years of racing and tuning experience to get myself a pair of 5-SMD JB2 168 LED bulbs. The same top-quality LED product can be found at JDM Toy store. These bulbs are perfect for car interior lights, door courtesy lights, license plate lights, parking lights or backup reverse lights.

LED License Plate Lights 4

One thing is for sure – Jotech JB2 Motorsport is a world-class tuner shop, which works with top-quality products and when these guys think that some modification is necessary, they install it. This also applies to the presented performance show car Nissan GT-R. I just gave you a hint how to get yourself a pair of JB2 168 LED bulbs for your ride.

168 LED bulbs

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LED License Plate Lights for your 2008 Mercedes C350

If own a 2008 Mercedes C350 you might want to tune up your vehicles with a pair of LED License Plate Lights.

Installation is a piece of cake. All you have to do is to replace your stock 168, 194, 2825 or W5W bulbs with these Error Free 2825 LED bulbs. We assure you the LED bulbs will light up perfectly and stay on error-free without flickering, as our experience is based on series of long tests.

The Error Free 2825 LED bulb is equipped with 5 pieces 3-chip 5050 SMD CREE LED Chips and what’s more – your car will never show an error message when you install these LED License Plate lights, because of the built-in CAN-bus controller.

Just take a look at the brightly lit Xenon White license plate of this Mercedes W204 C Class and imagine how it will look when you cut off some other vehicle on the road. The brightness of these LED bulbs is emitted effortlessly because of the 360 degree design and will make your car shine.

Once you install these LED License Plate Lights your car won’t look stock anymore. And one of the best parts is the inexpensive price of these bulbs? Great quality at low price!

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LED License Plate Lights: The Apple bottom Jeans for BMW M3 CSL

As unimportant as it looks, LED License Plate Lights can actually improve your car’s appearance. Unless you’re a complete rebel that doesn’t display his or her license plate then this blog will only be a waste of time for you. But those who actually display their license plate know that license plate lights are required. You might as well obey the law in a flashy manner.

bmw - m3 - csl - led - license - plate - lights - 1

See how bright BMW License Plate Lights are? It offers a unique look in the back of the BMW making it look newer and sleeker. The xenon white color adds a nice touch.

Xenon white is an excellent addition to the rear of the car. Honestly the rear of a car doesn’t have much to show. But with the help of LED License Plate Lights, my attention is focused on the rear tenfold! LED technology allows the license plate lights much brighter and also offering a striking pure white color.

bmw - m3 - csl - led - license - plate - lights - 2

The installation is quite simple. You replace your old stock bulbs with these bad boys simply by plug and play. No other wiring or configurations are needed. LED License Plate Lights not only produce brighter lights but they also run on fewer power. That’s a two way benefit!

Even with a black rear, the BMW License Plate Lights stand out very well. It’s just one of the important accessory drivers should invest on. It only makes sense to have a good rear to match the rest of the car. And if Xenon White isn’t bold enough for your tastes LED License Plat Lights also offer red and blue.

bmw - m3 - csl - led - license - plate - lights - 3

If you are a car enthusiast with an obsession to improve your car’s appearance, do consider the BMW License Plate Lights. They are the best and most inexpensive improvement you’re your BMW’s rear.

Xenon White High Power OBC Error Free LED License Plate Light Modules w/ Canbus Controller for BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, X Series, etc

Xenon White High Power OBC Error Free LED License Plate Light Modules w/ Canbus Controller for BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, X Series, etc

Xenon White High Power OBC Error Free LED License Plate Light Modules w/ Canbus Controller for BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, X Series, etc

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