2004 Ford F-150 gets nice LED Headlight Decoration Strips

The 2004 Ford F-150 is a class leader when it comes to ride, handling and hauling capability, but if you want to spice up your truck like this customer, check out this nice LED headlight decoration. Some of you will probably associate this great product with the famous Audi style LED strips and actually, they won’t go wrong. However, we decided to show you this very good-looking installation and give you some tips how you can give your ride a better look without spending a lot of money on expensive accessories.

Ford F-150 LED Headlight Decoration Strips 1

Each unmodified LED strip contains 21 pieces super bright SMD LED bulbs, but since it is cuttable every 3 LEDs, you can easily get the desired length. In this particular case, no cutting is required and the full length of the Audi Style LED strip is used to make great accent to the headlights. The installation is extremely easy, because the featured LED Headlight Decoration is self-adhesive and sticks firmly to both the headlights and fog lights. Each LED headlight strip is waterproof for worry-free exterior use and has flexible slim design with wide edge, so it could bend in almost any shape, as you can see from the photos.

Ford F-150 LED Headlight Decoration Strips 2

Once you decide where to install the LED strips, make sure to find out how to run the wires and tap them to the 12V power source of the parking lights, so that they light up once you turn on the parking lights. When you finish with all LED strips, check for hanging wires and fix them with pigtails. Test if everything is working fine and get ready to amaze your friends with your brand new LED headlight decoration from iJDMTOY.

These LED headlight strips match perfectly the overall appearance of the featured wonderful 2004 Ford F-150 truck and it surely looks as good as it drives. Now you can get your car a fresh new European LED DRL look in no time for just a few bucks!

Side Glow 21-SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights For Headlights, Fog Lights

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Car LED bulbs fitment guide and car LED bulbs shopping guide

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Step1: Visit Osram Sylvania Lamp Replacement Guide to find out the bulb part # you need. (you will be redirect to Sylvania's website)

Osram Sylvania Lamp Replacement Guide

Step 2: Check the Cross reference

Common Part Number Cross Reference Part Number
1157 BAY15d 1016 1034 1076 1130 1154 1157 1158 1493 2057 2357 2397 7528 P21/4
1156 BA15s 1073 1093 1129 1141 1156 1159 1295 1459 1619 1651 1680 7506 7527 P21
7507 BAU15s PY21W
7443 7444 7443 7441 7440 T20
7440 992 7440 (A refers to Amber) T20 *7443 bulb is interchangeable to all 7440 applications
3157 3057 3155 3357 3457 4157
3156 3056 3456 4156  *3157 bulb is interchangeable to all 3156 applications
168 (T10) 194 147 152 158 159 161 168 175 184 192 193 259 280 285 447 464 555 558 585 655 656 657 1250 1251 1252 2450 2652 2921 2825 W5W PC175
2825 (T10) 2821 2823 2827
921 906 579 901 904 908 909 912 914 915 916 917 918 920 921 922 923 926 927 928 939
BA9s 64132 H6W
57 1895 53 182 257 363 1445 6253 64111
74 17 18 37 70 73 79 85 86 2721
211-2 (aka D42mm) 212-1 212-2 214-2 569 578 579
6418 (aka D36mm) 3423 3425 6411 6413 6418 6423 6461 DE3423 DE3425 C5W
DE3175 (aka D31mm) DE3175 DE3021 DE3022 3175 3022 3021

Car Bulb Diagram (move over the mouse to enlarge)

Step 3: Choose the LED bulb type

Output Each Emitter (lum)
Lighting Angle
Lighting Quality
Value vs. Price
Sample Picture
Refractor LED bulbs High Power LED bulbs
20-22 lum 60-90 lum
150 degree 180 degree
Ok Very Good
Concentrated Lighting Even Lighting
Good Value Better Value
Refractor LED bulbs High Power LED bulbs
1210 Single Chip SMD LED bulbs 5050 3-Chip SMD LED bulbs
30-45 lum 80-100 lum
360 degree 360 degree
Excellent The Best
Wide Angle Flood Lighting Wide Angle Flood Lighting
Excellent Value The Best Value
1210 SMD SMT LED bulbs 5050 3-chip SMD SMT LED bulbs

Step 4: Which color should I choose?

Here are some recommendation:

Front Corner Lights Amber Yellow or Xenon White
Rear Corner Lights Brilliant Red or Xenon White
Parking Lights Xenon White
Sidemarker Lights Xenon White
License Plate Lights Xenon White (this is the only legal color for license plate lights)
Backup Lights Xenon White or Ultra Blue
Interior Lights Choose any color and express your personality!

Step 5: Search the store and shop, enjoy!

Search the store and shop, enjoy!

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New Xenon White/Amber Yellow Audi Style LED Strip Lights (LED lighting strip)

Introducing the new Audi Style LED strip lights, come in both Xenon White and Amber Yellow Dual Color Switchback Function.

It is perfect for using as both daytime running lights and add-on turn signal lights. These will give you a nice Audi A5 or R8 style LED daytime running lights (also called LED headlights) or the latest 2010 and up Mercedes E Class and S Class LED driving lights (aka LED fog lights)

Here is a YouTube video we took showing how this kind of LED strip lights up like (both Xenon White and Ultra Blue):

also I have included a brief installation diagram showing you guys how to install this kind of LED strip lights (since this is an add-on and if you connect this according to the installation diagram, you will not get error message on dashboard. We have tried on Porsche Cayman, BMW X5 and a Mercedes E Class to confirm this)

We have done installation for several cars in the past weekend. Oh, man, these look awesome! very aggressive appearance and multi-function (daytime running lights and turn signal lights). I have included couple pictures from a 2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe, a 2010 Porsche Cayman, you guys can take a look.

For more pictures about the LED lights we’ve sold and installed, please visit Gallery Pictures For LED and HID.

We have have the detail installation and DIY guides on our website, please visit LED Tech Support and DIY Guide.

The product installed are listed below, please take a look.

Audi Style LED Strip Lights (Dual Color Switchback version)

Audi Style LED Strip Lights (Dual Color Switchback version)

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