Looks more Korean with Kia K5 OEM FIT LED DRL

Love the KDM Kia K5 and feeling extremely jealous that you’re stuck with the boring American version? We’ve got you covered with a sleek set of OEM style LED Daytime Running Lights for your 2011-2013 Kia Optima. Each piece comes with 12 pieces of high power LED lights per LED DRL. Installing this Kia K5 KDM LED DRL takes a bit of effort, as you have to cut out a part of the bumper crash beam (therefore we highly recommend professional installation for this product).

Kia - K5 - LED - Daytime - Running - Lights - 01

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All New High Power LED Fog Light Bulbs with Diffuser Mirror Design

LED lighting technology is growing at a rapid rate and sometimes difficult to keep up with the new technology coming out. One specific new design is the diffuser mirror design built onto the tip of the LED bulb to create a cleaner beam pattern. Conventional LED bulbs do not have this feature available which is why the diffuser mirror design is superior in output.

We are all accustomed to see conventional LED light output inside an assembly housing where the light is reflected onto the chrome background. The new diffuser mirror design has a similar design reflecting light but the light output is much greater. The angle the diffuser mirror reflects the light onto the housing reflector creates a concentrated and focused cut off line similar to projectors in headlights. Having a focused cut off beam will increase the visibility on the road as compared to conventional LED lights where output is spread unevenly. In the end, the high power LEDs are bright, conventional or not conventional; however, the concentrated cut off beam will definitely draw more future interests.

High Power LED Fog Light Bulbs 1

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Get A Rocket Bunny LED Daytime Running Lights For Your Car

LED daytime running lights are becoming extremely popular nowadays. Unfortunately, this optional feature is not available to all makes and models. For example, unlike its brother Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S in the US does not come with LED daytime lights. This car has a tuner ready shell and LED daytime running lights are not part of the agenda. However, the popular rising aftermarket brand, Rocket Bunny, begs to differ as the version 2 body kit on the Scion FR-S comes equipped with high power LED daytime running lights.

The Rocket Bunny Version 2 body kit for the Scion FR-S features a total of 10 pieces high power LED daytime running lights mounted onto the bumper right below the headlights. The Rocket Bunny Version 2 is an aggressively styled body kit and the LED daytime running lights is just icing on the cake to complete the design. Although the cost of the Rocket Bunny Version 2 kit is well over $5000 US Dollars so it would not make sense to purchase the kit just for the sake of the LED daytime running lights. iJDMTOY’s 10W high power LEDayFlex Style LED daytime running light kit can help you achieve a similar look to the Rocket Bunny Version 2 front end for a small fraction of the cost.

Scion FR-S LEDayFlex LED Daytime Running Light Kit 1
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2013 Las Vegas SEMA Coverage: More Products! – Part Four

With the last part of our coverage of the SEMA show and the cool things we saw there, we’ll wrap up with some more modifications that we saw on cars that we also offer on our website. We saw many cars with tinted head and tail lights, a direct fit LED fog light assembly on a Scion FR-S and some multi-color interior lights! While these cars probably did not get them from us, it’s still pretty cool to see these types of products being used and hopefully it’ll give you an idea of what to do on your car.

Vinyl tints are popular because they are easily installed and removed without any damage to the application. There are many colors to choose from, but the most common is the black dark tint which puts a darker shade on the application. If there are any issues with law enforcement or if you just don’t want the darker shade on anymore, you can easily peel it off and you can start off fresh again.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Coverage 1

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Coverage 2

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Coverage 3

At this year’s SEMA event, there were quite a lot of Scion FR-S and Subaru BR-Z’s that made up a large percentage of the show vehicles inside and outside of the convention center. On this particular Scion FR-S, we saw an LED fog light assembly similar to what we carry lit up. Subtle upgrades such as this change the look of the vehicle quite dramatically.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Coverage 4

Last, but not least we saw a car with multi-colored LED interior lights underneath the dash and on the side doors. These lights were automatically cycling through the colors so they were most likely in the “Demo” mode function. These easy to install lights connect directly to the car battery and are controlled at your finger tips with a radio remote control. Since LEDs draw such little power, there are no worries of the lights being in demo mode all day at the show and draining the battery.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Coverage 5

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Coverage 6

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Coverage 7

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Coverage 8

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Coverage 9

That is it for our coverage of SEMA. It is very fortunate of us to live within a reasonable driving distance of such a big event that happens every year in Sin City. We get to see all the creative and head turning builds of the year gathered together in one building. In addition to that, there is huge aftermarket support from automotive retailers and car manufacturers at SEMA. If you ever have a chance to go to SEMA, make sure you take that chance as it will be a memorable experience.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Coverage: The LED Lights – Part Three

SEMA is not all about the car builds and new car releases, it’s also about consumer product demonstrations and new products for enthusiasts. We at iJDMTOY have a keen eye on lights and especially LED lights; we saw quite a bit of LED products on cars that we thought we’d share with everyone! We saw LED angel eyes on other cars besides BMW’s, LED work lights, and other similar lights we carry at our store; we’ll share these photos to give you an idea of what you can accomplish with similar lights that we carry.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show by iJDMTOY 1

To start off, there are the angel eyes. There were a lot of LED angel eye lights on cars at SEMA that originally did not have them. It just goes to show you how cool these lights look on almost any vehicle out there. We are far from the old CCFL halo ring days of yesteryear and have now upgraded to brighter and better LED alternatives.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show by iJDMTOY 2

Since not every headlight is the same size so there are multiple LED ring sizes available that can be purchased. For example, larger headlights like on this Chevrolet Camaro require rings that are much larger than say a Honda Civic would.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show by iJDMTOY 3

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show by iJDMTOY 4

One more example would this BMW. But most BMWs already come with angel eyes though, right? Yes, while this is true, the factory angel eye design is poor and does not allow the entire ring to be lit up evenly in most cases. This owner decided to put actual LED rings on top of his existing halo rings to create a better look for his car.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show by iJDMTOY 5

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show by iJDMTOY 6

We’ll step away from the passenger car style and jump right into the off-road scene for a bit to show the LED work lights we saw on many off-road car builds. While you’re out in the desert, mud, or harsh terrain, regular city lights may not be enough light for safety issues. This is where high-output LED work bars and lights come into play.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show by iJDMTOY 7

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show by iJDMTOY 8

Since LED work lights consume such a low amount of electricity, but produce a high output they are ideal for off-road vehicles that have other accessories such as winches, radios, and other important electronic equipment.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show by iJDMTOY 9

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show by iJDMTOY 10

While we passed by luxury car builds, we spotted a similar looking LED setup that we sell on this Lexus GS350 with a particularly aggressive front bumper. The LED lights are arranged in an “L-shaped” pattern that can be achieved with our very similar 10 piece Flexible LED DRL kit on our website. Many of these lights are custom type projects so it’s not a direct replacement of any kind.

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show by iJDMTOY 11

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show by iJDMTOY 12

2013 Las Vegas SEMA Auto Show by iJDMTOY 13