SEMA 2011: Scion xB with elegant LED Puddle Lights

LED Puddle Lights 1

If you think that the second-generation Scion xB is a fancy modern-looking car, then check out this 5-door version equipped with LED Puddle lights, which are very trendy these days and became famous thanks to Brabus – a well-known German tuning firm. As you can see, the guys, who prepared this featured show car did very good job and deserve our admiration.

LED Puddle Lights 2

I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting anything special when I reached to open the door, but I was amazed when the LED Puddle Lights lit up the ground. You may have already noticed the perfect light spots of these bad boys, but the real surprise came when I realized I was seeing them even in very well-lit areas. You can’t deny these LED Puddle Lights certainly make impression – I barely stopped myself from kneeing down and looking under the side skirts like a kid in a candy store. This was the time when I got so determined to ask around and to find the same awesome product in the JDM Toy store.

LED Puddle Lights 3

Their offer is a real deal – one set of under car LED Puddle Lights includes 2 pieces of 36 inches (60cm) long LED strips and each LED strip comes with 5 pieces 9-LED modules. Basically, this is the same super bright waterproof kit as the one featured above. But what’s more, JDM’s kit comes with everything needed for its proper installation and it is universal fit for pretty much any small to mid size cars.

LED Puddle Lights 4

I think reviewing the Scion xB and its stylish under car LED Puddle Lights is a good ending to the SEMA 2011 reports I started last week. Hope I was helpful to all of you and don’t forget to check out the JDM Toy store for ultimate LED automotive lighting accessories.

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Brabus LED Puddle Lights on 2012 Mercedes E350 Coupe

Don’t you just hate it when you step in a puddle of water when you get out of your car? LED Puddle Lights can solve that problem. Not to mention, the style is truly unique after all it first came from the exclusive Mercedes Brabus. A series of light coming out of the side of your car, how unique can that possibly get?

With just a couple of bucks, your fancy car can become even fancier. I for one do not believe that the Mercedes Brabus can only sport LED Puddle Lights. The simple plug and play installation makes it universally fit on most cars. The sleek pure Xenon White color adds a certain style no other automotive lighting technology can compete. The series of LED lights come in 5 bulbs and within each bulb comes with 45 individual LED bulbs. You won’t worry on stepping on puddles anymore.

Puddle, mud, or animal feces whatever it may be, the Brabus LED Puddle Lights can identify all! The trend of LED lighting is progressing quickly. Brabus LED Puddle Lights are the next progress in LED lighting. Xenon White LED goes great with almost any car whether they’re installed in the front, back or even in the bottom of your car.

LED Puddle Lights aren’t just useful they provide a sleek and elegant look that can go well in a formal or casual date. The appearance affects the car and driver to a whole new level. Progress is in us. It changes daily as we drive. LED Puddle Lights are the next progression in automotive lighting. Furthermore, drivers can provide that unique and distinctive appearance to their car.

HID headlight is only a fraction of updated automotive lighting. Brabus LED Puddle Lights is the perfect combination with HID lights. The bright sleek appearance will look outstanding during the night.

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