BMW X5 Installed High Power PY24W LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs

For many European vehicles, the turn signal housing is already a clear lens, but with an amber colored bulb inside which produces that unsightly “egg-yolk” look. The amber bulb reflecting inside the housing distracts the eyes from the overall futuristic appearance of the other components in the headlight. Fortunately for our customers, we have released our brand new 15-SMD 5730 PY24W/5200s sized LED replacement bulbs for this BMW X5 turn signal lights.

BMW X5 PY24W LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 1

We have two standard colors available which are Amber and Xenon White. In this particular BMW X5, the customer opted to install the Xenon White color version. Since Xenon White is not a legal color to have as the turn signals, we do recommend customers to purchase the Amber version instead. Each PY24W/5200s LED bulb contains 15 5730 SMD LED chips that produce 0.5W each.

BMW X5 PY24W LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 2

Since these lights are meant to replace turn signal bulbs on European vehicles, they are also 100% error free. Thanks to this new and revolutionary design, there are no error messages and no hyper-flashing issues and no need to add any resistors to the circuit. These lights can also fit a variety of other vehicles such as an Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz, and Land Rovers. You can check out the complete compatibility list using the link we provide for these LED turn signal lights.

BMW X5 PY24W LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 3

PY24W 5200s LED Bulbs For Audi BMW Mercedes, etc Front Turn Signal Lights

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9005 LED Daytime Running Lights for a Fancy Subaru Impreza WRX

The recent aesthetic feature of most of the newer vehicles being released to the public are the LED daytime running lights which are lit up as a white light. LED lights offer a variety of advantages over standard incandescent lights such as: more efficiency in converting power into light, less power consumption, and a much more appealing color of light and many more! However, not every vehicle has this luxury of a factory installed LED daytime running light so for the vehicles that came with incandescent lights for the DRLs; we have a solution available which is our LED replacement bulbs.

9005 LED DRL 1

Installed on this Subaru Impreza WRX is our 68-SMD 9005 LED replacement bulbs which are a direct replacement to the factory bulbs and do not require any type of modification or additional components. These simple to install bulbs change the color from a dull yellow to a unique 6000K Xenon White color that will closely match aftermarket 6000-8000K color HID kits.

9005 LED DRL 2

Since the high beams are also the same bulb as the daytime running light, some of you may wonder if the high beam function will still work and the answer is yes; although we do recommend only replacing these lights for their aesthetic qualities rather than the actual output at night during high beam mode.

9005 HB3 LED Daytime Running Light Bulbs for Subaru Impreza or Subaru WRX STi

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15w 9005 LED Daytime Running Lights on a 2012 Acura TL

For majority of the cars you see on the road, you will notice that during the day the daytime running lights are a dull and unattractive yellow color which blends into the other vehicles on the road that share the same light. Car enthusiasts like you and I want to obtain a look that stands out from the rest and create a unique look that will be sure to turn heads where ever you go. We are proud to reveal our 15w High Power 9005 LED replacement bulbs being used on a 2012 Acura TL’s daytime running lights/high beams. Unlike regular LED bulbs which require load resistors and special components to function without errors or flickering, these are installed by themselves and have no issues; the lights operate at 15w so they consume enough power draw to function without needing any special components.

Acura TL 9005 LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs 1

The color of these LED lights are rated at around 4500-5000K so they are an almost perfect match to the factory installed HID/Xenon headlights that come with this vehicle. The high power Samsung LED chip produces a bright 1200 lumen output; a noticeable difference from the factory 800 lumen output during daytime running light mode. The lights are completely plug and play and require no modification to the factory parts, all it needs is a location to mount the fan/ballast/driver assembly just like mounting an HID ballast. A matching set can also be purchased for the fog lights so the same type of light can be used when you are driving at night with your low beam lights on to complete your vehicle’s lighting transformation!

Acura TL 9005 LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs 2

Acura TL 9005 LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs 3

Acura TL 9005 LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs 4

9005 9006 LED Bulbs Upgrading Kit For Headlights or Fog Lights

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Ultra Blue Audi Style LED Strips Installed on a Mini Cooper

As car enthusiasts, we all take notice at the smaller details that you see on other vehicles on the road; for example, Audi’s and their revolutionary approach to LED daytime running lights as a strip underneath the headlights. Ever since that style of light was introduced into the market, all kinds of car enthusiasts have wanted to mimic this style of light for their own cars, whether it was an Audi or not.

Mini Cooper Audi Style LED Strips 1

Take for example, a customer of ours with a Mini Cooper decided that he wanted to obtain this look with our simple to install Audi Style LED strips. We offer a variety of LED strips in different sizes and styles which suit a large array of vehicles and applications. For most customers, the LED strip lights are placed underneath the headlight to imitate the Audi-style look, but our customer decided to try a different approach instead by placing it on top of his headlights; we think it still looks good.

Mini Cooper Audi Style LED Strips 2

These strips are easy to install with use of 3M Double-sided tape or silicone adhesive to almost every application. The power source used to light these strips up will be your choice; you get to wire these to any power source you wish the LED strip to be on with such as your parking lights, ignition wire (when the vehicle is on), and much more!

Mini Cooper Audi Style LED Strips 3

Ultra Blue 21-SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

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Car LED Lights and Car LED Bulbs

The Future LED Light In Automotive Industry

When Nick Holonyak Jr. first introduced the LED in 1962, he probably has never imagined that LED light will get so popular in 50 years later.

One of the most popular places where LED lights have brightly “shine” is in the Automotive Industry Field. Even though it is not available for every car yet, growingly, more and more cars are rolling out of from the factory plants with LED bulbs and LED lights.

Here are the beauties of the car LED lights. 1) The LED bulbs are very easy to spot because of its faster reaction time to light up than conventional filament bulbs; 2) the LED light is much brighter than stock tail lights bulb so makes driving safer; 3) Due to nature of the LED is relatively small, so LED tail lights can be easily shaped to make the car look prettier with a trendy new look.

Beside all mentioned above, another common place you might find car LED lights is the aftermarket field. LED lights are getting more and more popular with those who like to customize their cars with these super bright and easy to install LED bulbs and LED lighting.

Aftermarket LED bulb vs. stock filament bulb

(Aftermarket LED bulb vs. stock filament bulb)

The common aftermarket LED parts on the market are LED strip lights, LED corner lights, LED replacement bulbs and the newly LED daytime running lights.

LED Strip Lights

Also, Interior LED lights are also being adapted for cars to set a nice mood and for accent purpose. You’re starting to see more places offer them in a wide selection of forms, whether just LED interior accent lighting or complete LED underbody light kits that go under the cars. A lot of aftermarket companies like (the Car LED Bulbs and Lighting Expert) have taken action of the increasing demand for the automotive LED lights and are actively bring more and more new LED light technology as quickly as they can.

LED Interior Lights

(LED Interior Lights)

LED Light Bulbs are the wave of the future.