BMW 3 and 4 Series Error Free LED Reverse Lights

Don’t forget about your reverse lights! Reverse lights are extremely important for every car, and not just because they are legally required! The last thing you want to do with your brand new, shiny car is back right into a dumpster right in the middle of the night! Not only does that severely damage your rear bumper, but it damages your ego as well. Fortunately, a set of PH16W BMW LED reverse lights solves the problem in a jiffy.

BMW 3 Series LED Reverse Lights 01
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BMW E92 335is LCI with CREE LED Backup Reverse Lights

On many European vehicles, the reverse or back up light housing is quite small and does not produce much light to begin with so it makes it very difficult for you to see or others to notice you while you back up your vehicle. Due to the smaller housing size, larger and brighter bulbs are not able to fit so we are left with minimal options to get a super bright light. This is where using high power CREE LED diodes come in handy; these lights provide a large amount of light output for their small size.

BMW E92 335is LCI CREE LED Backup Reverse Lights 1

Each bulb for this E92 LCI LED backup lights utilizes five CREE R4 XP-E diodes to produce approximately 500 lumen. The top portion uses an optical lens projector to throw out light behind the vehicle as well to increase the effectiveness. Each bulb has a maximum operating output of 25W and is 100% error free so there are no annoying error messages or flickering issues. Thanks to these features, the lights are about five times brighter than stock and about two times brighter than the competitors LED bulb.

BMW E92 335is LCI CREE LED Backup Reverse Lights 2

Installation is also quite easy as it is plug and play. No modifications are required for installation. The factory bulb uses a very unique mounting bracket to hold the bulb in place and our LED bulb replaces the whole entire assembly instead. Thanks to the careful design of the lights, they have no issues with fitment and can be easily removed if desired at any time. This unique type of bulb design is only used on the 2011 and up BMW E92/93 3-Series Coupe/Convertible for the reverse lights; make sure you check out our installation guide to see the proper way to install these E92 LCI LED Reverse Lights.

BMW E92 335is LCI CREE LED Backup Reverse Lights 3

BMW E92/E93 3 Series Coupe/Convertible For Backup Reverse Lights

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Mercedes-Benz E350 Coupe with 25W CREE LED 921 Reverse Lights

On the tail lights of many European vehicles, the reverse light bulb is very small and is a tiny slit of clear lens surrounded by a sea of red. Many European vehicles follow this style of light and it’s only natural that the 2010 Mercedes-Benz E350 Coupe would also have this style. Aesthetically, this is very ideal as it is subtle and maintains the overall red appearance of the tail lights, but since the housing is so small, the light output is dim. This is why a high powered LED bulb would be ideal for these types of housings.

9005 LED DRL 1

These Mercedes E350 LED reverse lights are rated at 25w and produce approximately 500 lumen for superior visibility. Each T15 (921) bulb uses five CREE XP-E R4 LED diodes; four on the side and one on top with a 3x optical lens for projection purposes. Thanks to its design, it is able to provide a 360 degree shine coverage of light while producing light projection making this ideal for this small housing. Larger housings may benefit from a flood type light, but these small reverse light housings do not need that. However, having all that power in a small housing that focuses the light creates an intense shine.

9005 LED DRL 2

9005 LED DRL 3

In addition to its bright light output, these LED bulbs are error free for most of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles available. These error free 921 LED for Mercedes are easy to install and requires no wiring to work; simply swap your factory bulb with these and you’re done. These 25W CREE LED bulbs are completely error free on the newer E-Class, M-Class, CLS-Class models and alike for the reverse back up lights.

9005 LED DRL 4

CREE R4 XP-E High Power 912 921 W16W T15 LED Bulbs

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Lexus IS High Power 921 LED Backup Reverse Lights Upgraded

We have a new LED bulb in our “High Power” LED series; it is our 8-SMD 2835 High Power T10 LED backup reverse bulbs on a Lexus IS. These lights are meant for use as back up/reverse lights only. We do not recommend using these for any other application except the reverse lights. Their superior design and output makes these a great choice for reverse lights when backing up to see what is behind you better. These LED bulbs are sold in pairs and will fit the T10/T15 bulb size which includes 921, 912, 906 and more.

Lexus IS 921 LED Backup Reverse Light Bulbs 1

Each set comes with two LED bulbs that are equipped with 8-SMD 2835 High Power LED diodes that are made by Samsung. Each 2835-type Samsung LED diode produces 0.5w each and there are 8 per bulb producing 4w per bulb. Each LED bulb produces approximately 400 lumen when operating at 12v. These LED backup lights are only available in 6000K Xenon White to provide the most light. These bulbs are also non-polar so they can be installed in either direction and it will still light up. These bright 921 LED bulbs are the perfect choice for the reverse lights.

Lexus IS 921 LED Backup Reverse Light Bulbs 2

High Power 912 920 921 T10 LED Bulbs

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921 LED Backup Reverse Lights for a 2012 Dodge Charger

Have there been times where you were backing out of a parking spot and wished that there was more light for you to see? If your incandescent factory bulbs are not cutting it and need more light, our LED replacement bulbs are the solution for you. These 921 LED reverse lights are a direct replacement to the factory bulb inside your reverse light housing.

Dodge Charger 921 LED Reverse Lights 1

Dodge Charger 921 LED Reverse Lights 2

The 921 LED reverse lights inside this 2012 Dodge Charger are our 2.5W High Power T15 Projector LED Replacement bulbs. Approximately 500 lumens are created by the high power FLUX LED Emitter which is focused using the optical projector lens to provide you superior visibility during the night. These bulbs are a direct replacement to the factory bulbs and can be easily installed by any novice who knows how to access the tail light bulbs.

Dodge Charger 921 LED Reverse Lights 3

Dodge Charger 921 LED Reverse Lights 4

These LED reverse bulbs will provide a very focused and sharp light so it is ideal for small reverse light housings found in these cars. Using these backup bulbs in larger housings may not allow the same dramatic effect to take place. For larger housings, we recommend a 360 degree shine bulb instead such like these LED reverse light bulbs.

High Power T15 Wedge Light LED Reverse Light Bulbs

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