iJDMTOY 9005 LED Daytime Running Light Kit for a Lexus IS-F

The Lexus IS-F is equipped with standard daytime running lights from factory just like the previous IS models. Before the LED daytime running light bar was made standard, it utilized the high beam bulb at a lower output to use as the daytime running lights. The daytime running lights for these cars operate at roughly 6-8v which is about half power of the high beams. Unfortunately, the factory incandescent LED bulbs are a generic yellow color and do not look right on a luxury sports car like the IS-F. We have an LED DRL kit for this car and other similar Lexus vehicles that transforms the yellow into a modern HID-like color.

Lexus IS-F 9005 LED Daytime Running Light Kit 1

Replacing just only the daytime running lights with an LED bulb will result in issues such as error messages; this is why we have included a pair of can-bus decoders with our kit. These can-bus LED decoders connect directly to the factory harness and does not require modifications to install; the factory dust cap will have to be removed from behind the daytime running lights though, but that will not create any problems.

Lexus IS-F 9005 LED Daytime Running Light Kit 2

Our LED DRL Replacement Kit is available in either our classic 6000K Xenon White or exotic 20,000K Ultra Blue; we recommend Xenon White due to its popularity and acceptance as a replacement light color. Ultra Blue is available, but we do warn that the color may be too exotic and may attract attention from law enforcement. Each bulb has 68-SMD LED diodes on it and produces enough light allow the car to be safely seen during the day. However, due to the design of LED lights and their low wattage output, these lights would not be suitable for use as high beams; these are an aesthetic upgrade for the daytime running lights.

Lexus IS-F 9005 LED Daytime Running Light Kit 3

9005 HB3 LED Daytime Running Light Bulbs

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2010 Lexus IS-F with fantastic 9005 LED DRL

9005 HB3 LED Daytime Running Light BulbsLexus IS DRL 1

By looking at this "Black mamba" 2010 Lexus IS-F you just can’t miss the bright Xenon White light coming out of the LED DRL. Do you know what does "F" stands for in this model? Fuji racetrack? Flagship? Who cares! But after replacing the OEM bulbs with these 9005 LED DRL bulbs, for us F means Fantastic, "Fenomenal"! And this is exactly what most of our customers say after replacing the stock dull yellowish Daytime Running Lights and bringing their cars an awesome HID matching look.

Lexus IS DRL 2

This nice quality pair of LED bulbs is a perfect add-on to many Lexus models, including the 2006-up IS250, IS350, IS-F, GS300, GS350, GS460, ES350, LS460, as well as 2010-up RX350 and 2002-up SC430. Installation is as easy as falling off a log – simply plug and play, no modifications needed, no cutting wires, no reconnecting – just directly replace the stock 55W 9005 (aka HB3) halogen bulb on the high beam DRL function and make everyone jealous of your car’s fantastic new look.

Lexus IS DRL 3

In case you are worried whether these Lexus IS DRL bulbs will flicker, or an error message will pop up on your dashboard, we have a special decoder set for the Lexus models listed above to prevent any malfunction issues. This is all the equipment you need to tune up your vehicle’s lights.

Why spending money on HID, when you can get the HID look for less? These 68-SMD 9005 LED DRL bulbs are a heck of a nice touch to your beloved Lexus and will make it look a thousand times better. They are much brighter than other bulbs out there, and the quality you receive for your money is no less than excellent. You really can’t go wrong with purchasing this product, treat your Lexus the way it deserves, just like the owner of the 2010 Lexus IS-F does.

Brought to you by iJDMTOY.com, the expert for your Car LED. Follow us on Facebook for exclusive promo codes.