BMW 4 Series Projector Lens Fog Light

BMW has been creating many great performance cars for a very long time with an amazing history and car line. Compared to Mercedes AMG, the M series cars almost all perform better than those carrying the AMG badge. To match its amazing performance, one must be able to see farther and in more dangerous weather which is why this BMW 4 series that one of our customer brought over is equipped with our
iJDMTOY Projector Lens Fog Lamps.
BMW 4 Series Fog Light
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BMW Direct Fit LED Interior Package

Want to swap out your entire car interior to LED but not sure which LEDs are compatible with your car? There are so many separate components like the front map lights, dome lights and such, so how would you go about in finding all of the appropriate bulb sizes to replace your entire interior? Fortunately, exact fit LED interior packages eliminate all of the headache and you’ll get a new LED interior in absolutely no time. These are BMW LED interior lights with LED emitters on the panels so that the lights directly shine down into the cabin to give you maximum output.

BMW Direct Fit LED Interior Pkg 03
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High Power LED BMW Angel Eyes Upgrade For 2009 BMW E92 328i

In 2011, after almost 15 years BMW first introduced the Angel Eyes as a distinguish way for its daytime running lights, BMW has officially made the BMW Angel Eyes go LED! For BMW's new F10 5 Series, the new E92 3 Series Coupe in US and Canada, as well as the BMW X1, X5 sold in Asia such as Japan, the super bright LED Angel Eyes upgrade have become an option that you can add when you purchase the new bimmer.

So for rest of the BMWs already on the road, upgrading its ugly yellowish angel eye bulbs to the high power LED BMW Angel Eyes become more and more popular.

The high power LED BMW Angel Eyes can light up the halo rings with a HID matching 7000K color nicely.

We have recently installed this kind of BMW Angel Eyes LED bulbs for a customer's 2009 BMW E92 328i.

You can see the pictures below comparing the stock angel eye rings with the all new BMW LED Angel Eye. The 6W high power LED bulb did a great job to light up the rings that even at daytime, you can clearly see the difference.

If you are interested at this product, you can buy BMW Angel Eyes here

New!!! Xenon White 60 Degrees Wide Angle Shine H8 High Power LED Angel Eye Ring Markers for BMW 1, 3, Z4, X5, X6 Series (Error Free)

BMW Angel Eyes For Sale

New!!! Xenon White 60 Degrees Wide Angle Shine H8 High Power LED Angel Eye Ring Markers for BMW 1, 3, Z4, X5, X6 Series (Error Free)

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