Mercedes Benz C350 LED Position Lights

Plenty of people can recognize the Mercedes headlights, so why not add some neat add-ons to it to make it stand out next to the iconic emblem? Mercedes LED position lights give your car the oomph it needs to stand out in the intersection so oncoming vehicles can see the car and see you. You always hear that it’s extremely important to make your vehicle as safe as possible, and while that’s completely true, you don’t have to sacrifice the potential of how great your Mercedes Benz can look.

Mercedes LED Eyelid 01
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Easiest Add-on LED Interior Lights For Mercedes W204 C350

Do you always think the factory interior lighting is not aesthetically pleasing? If you want a different color and brighter output, the LED interior light is your best choice.  

One of our customers recently upgraded the entire interior lights for his 2009 Mercedes C350. The LED bulbs light up the car in the way that he expected, so he wants to recommend it to all Mercedes drivers.

The LED interior lights can be by far the easiest add-on to your car – 10 mins of installation adds dramatically new look to the car interior.  

LED Interior lights let you see what you are doing in your vehicle when it’s dark outside. Besides the superior lighting output, it also lasts 10 times longer than stock filament bulbs and consume less energy from your car.

Check out these awesome pictures, and start your DIY project.

2009 - mercedes - c350 - led - interior - lights - 2

2009 - mercedes - c350 - led - interior - lights - 3

The W204 C Class LED showed in the pics can be used in any interior sockets to replace front map lights, rear map lights, dome lights and courtesy lights.

2009 - mercedes - c350 - led - interior - lights - 1

2009 - mercedes - c350 - led - interior - lights - 4

2009 - mercedes - c350 - led - interior - lights - 5

See the difference between regular LED bulbs and the super bright SMD LED.

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