2010 Mercedes E350 upgraded with 8000k D1S HID bulbs

D1S or D1R Xenon Replacement HID Light Bulbs

The 2010 Mercedes E350 is definitely a state-of-the-art luxurious vehicle, that doesn’t have too much room for improvements, but installing a pair of High Quality D1S nice and bright JDM Mercedes HID bulbs is always a good investment. This guy upgraded his Benz with JDM D1S replacement bulbs and now he’s more than happy with his purchase. Of course we didn’t expect anything less than that – joking 🙂

D1S HID bulbs 1

He ordered the 8000k version and directly replaced the stock 4300K D1S HID bulbs. Take a good look at the images below – the brilliant blue color shines brightly and remains pretty noticeable even during daytime. You will probably agree with us that the ugly yellowish look of the OEM bulbs just doesn’t fit the overall aggressive of this beautiful car. This is where we come – we offer you JDM D1S or D1R HID replacement bulbs in several colors: ultra white color (6000K), brilliant blue color (8000K), deep blue (10000K) and violet purple color (12000K) at incredible good price! This is what we call a bargain!

D1S HID bulbs 2

In case you decide to purchase this add-on for your beloved car and are worried whether you will be able to replace the OEM bulbs, relax – installation is probably easier than ever. The JDM D1S or D1R HID light bulbs are direct replacement, as there is no modification needed, simply plug and play. Everyone will enjoy a good looking car at nighttime, and especially this car – black Benz E350 with a hint of blue.

This customer was looking for a better lighting output and a more aggressive look for his ride. We think this add-on is perfect for his needs, and you saw the result. Having that "Black Beast" 2010 Mercedes E350 with 8000k D1S HID bulbs is more than beautiful – it is gorgeous.

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