A Nice Upgrade – LED Parking Lights on Mercedes CLS 500

Our customer recently sent us very nice pictures of the T10 Error Free LED bulbs he installed on his 2006 Mercedes CLS-500 parking lights.

These new LED parking lights fit perfectly for his car and are a upgrade to the standard filament parking light bulbs that are factory equipped. These LED parking light pictures of his Mercedes CLS show how nice these LED parking light bulbs complement his car. The LED parking lights also match the white headlights of his low beam.

You can upgrade the 2825 W5W LED parking light bulbs if your vehicle has either 168, 194, 2825, 2821, or W5W bulb housings. The load resistors built-in to this particular LED bulb prevent any errors from occurring on European model vehicles. As such, they are a perfect upgrade for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and others on the parking position lights.

To see if these bulbs are right for you, you can check the Sylvania replacement guide online for drop down menus on selecting your vehicle make and year.

Hope these pictures help you decide if iJDMTOY LED bulbs are right for you.

Mercedes - error - free - led - bulbs - parking - lights - 1

Mercedes - error - free - led - bulbs - parking - lights - 2

Mercedes - error - free - led - bulbs - parking - lights - 3

Mercedes - error - free - led - bulbs - parking - lights - 4

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