High Power LED Daytime Running Lights on Mercedes SL 550

These high power COB LED daytime running lights gives your car that kick-ass new Audi A4/A5 LED look, so your car can channel the same luxury that 2013-up Audis are famous for. These COB high power LED lights are so much like the Audi lights that when they light up, you won’t even see each individual LED at all, making the glow a uniform strip that just drips in high quality.

Mercedes SL550 Audi Style LED 01
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How to Upgrade Mercedes W204 C-Class Stock Fog Lamps to the OEM LED Daytime Running Lights

This guide is for 2008-2010 Mercedes Benz W204 C Class to convert the stock sport front bumper’s halogen fog lights to the 2011-up LCI style LED daytime running lights. This installation would give your car that nice, crisp and signature LED daytime running lights look that the new Mercedes Benz C-class vehicles are famous for. However for this installation, please keep in mind that you have to remove the front bumper to perform this installation, and there is also some retrofit modification involved where you’d have to cut the stock bumper in order to fit the new LED daytime running lights. Because of this, we highly recommend professional installation.

1. There are three screws at the corners of the stock fog lamp that you’ll need to remove in order to take out the stock fog lamp bezel. After you do this, you can remove the front bumper.

2. You’ll need to cut out the original fog lamp bed with stock fog lamp outline in order to proceed. Use a cutting tool to cut around the edges of the opening.

Mercedes Benz CClass Install LED DRL 02
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2011 MINI Cooper with British Charm and Error Free LED

Error Free LED Parking Lights 1

The 2011 Mini Cooper’s quirky styling and British charm are attention grabbers, but with Error Free LED bulbs installed, this baby is the pearl in the rolling-boutique category. These trendy LED Parking Lights add a touch of modern technology to the neither retro nor heritage design.

Error Free LED Parking Lights 2

Despite the fact the MINI isn’t equipped with HID headlights, these LED bulbs match perfectly to the overall exterior and contribute to the elegant appearance, too. However, this lighting product is a great match to any 6000K HID headlights and will look awesome in both combinations. This Error Free T10 LED bulb has 5 pieces 3-chip 5050 CREE SMD LED lights with built-in load resistors. It is designed to fit most European cars – Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, etc. and could be used as replacements for parking lights, position lights, eyelid lights or license plate lights. These Error Free LED bulbs have some great features and thanks to the advanced technology, you won’t see the annoying "Bulb Out" error message on the dashboard. Please note that this product is not compatible with 2010 & up Volkswagen MK6 GTi for parking lights or license plate lights.

Error Free LED Parking Lights 3

Installing the LED Parking Lights is very easy – all you have to do is to locate the back of the parking light lamp, then twist its socket and plug out the OEM halogen bulb. After that replace the stock 168, 194, 2825, 2825LL, W5W or W5WB bulb to the Error Free LED bulb and insert it back. The LED light is polar sensitive, and if the LED is not lighting up, flip the adapter around. That’s it! Then you and your friends will enjoy the modern interpretation of the classic shape.

Error Free LED Parking Lights 4

After all, this 2011 MINI Cooper with the super cool Error Free LED bulbs is a pint-sized car, that combines gender-neutral cute styling with a decent mechanical package. In short, it’s the cutest shoebox with four wheels on the planet, but with awesome LED Parking Lights from iJDMTOY. The best part is that you can get your car the same LED bulbs and be modern for just a few bucks.

Error Free 5-SMD-5050 T10 2825 W5W LED Bulbs

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Error Free Turn Signal Lights for 2008 Mercedes CLK350

Error Free 1156 LED bulbs is here! Yes that’s right, no longer will your car show an error message when you install Error Free Turn Signal Lights. We are crazy about easy and convenient installations. The plug and play installation makes it virtually idiot proof to all drivers to easily install.

Originally not error proof and causes many problems to customers, but now there will be no error, no flickering, and no warning message on dashboard. Aside from the easy and quick installation, the Error Free Turn Signal Lights provide excellent lighting compared to the regular stock bulbs. The radiant colors of Xenon White and Amber Yellow will suit many cars. The remarkable style will completely change a car’s appearance 180 degrees.

Error Free Turn Signal Lights are a good investment for all drivers. The dramatic stylish appearance won’t chew up your wallet. If you’re one of those drivers that never signal, all that will change. You will be glad to signal. Signaling will be your favorite pastime. The brightly lit Xenon White and Amber Yellow will emit proudly as you cut off that truck.

No load resistors needed! Like I said, we’re nuts about easy and convenience. No need to hire a mechanic. The plug and play installation makes it possible for all drivers to do it themselves. Each bulb contains 20 pieces of individual LED. The 360 degree shape will emit effortlessly. With its inexpensive price, I can’t argue why you wouldn’t want to invest on a pair of these bad boys.

Error Free 1156 LED bulbs will provide an error free, quick installation performance. The brighter output will make your car shine confidently. Turning has never been so stylish. Error Free 1156 LED bulbs are just one of the many progressions of modern automotive lighting.

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Safety and Confidence with W212 Daytime Running Lights for 2011 Infiniti M37

Daytime Running Lights improve our vision on the road during the day of course. But just how reliable are they? While it may be unnoticeable, W212 Daytime Running Lights will perform better than regular filament stock bulbs. Its LED technology will provide brighter lighting and wider output. In other words, you’ll drive safer and more confident with W212 Daytime Running Lights.

Infiniti - M37 - LED - DRL - 3

Infiniti - M37 - LED - DRL - 2

These Daytime Running Lights are Mercedes E Class Style LED lights. The distinctive style of Mercedes E Class can now be installed onto your 2011 Infiniti M37 for a superior unique appearance. You drive an Infiniti M37, it’s about time you treat it like one. The best looking lights are mandatory. W212 Daytime Running Lights are only one of the many separate accessories you should treat your M37.

LED technology consumes less energy from your battery which is ideal due to the fact that these bulbs are turned on all day. LED bulbs also last much longer than regular filament bulbs. In other words, Mercedes E Class Style LED in the long run will turn out to be a better investment.

With a little bit of dough, the W212 Daytime Running Lights can provide a completely new look to your car. And it’s plug and play simple installation, drivers will not only spend few bucks, they will spend a few minutes to improving their cars completely.

Infiniti - M37 - LED - DRL - 1

Mercedes E Class Style LED lights complements well with HID lights. The bright individual LED bulbs will emit on par with your HID lights! Mercedes E Class Style LED will offer a unique and stylish appearance for the car and driver. Besides its appearance, W212 Daytime Running Lights provide excellent lighting to improve driver’s vision. That extra light is perfect for the extra bit amount of light drivers need in order to drive safely and confidently.

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