Nissan 370Z Fairlady LED Fog Lamps

Occasionally, some of us at iJDMTOY will be lucky enough to see people sporting our goods while we’re just casually driving on the street. Sure, we might see some people when we’re out and about displaying what sort of looks like our LED lights, but we can’t be totally sure. This time though, the owner of this 370Z bought these 370Z LED rear fog lamps from us and we’re pretty excited to see this car on the street.

Nissan 370Z LED rear fog 01
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Subaru BRZ LED Brake Light or Fog Light Conversion Kit

This brilliant red fog light or brake light LED conversion kit adds both safety and style to your car, all the while taking advantage of the factory location. The set comes with all sorts of goodies, including some wires, socket, LED light, drill bit, and quick-splices to make it easy and get the job done for you. The brilliant red LED color is just such a piercing crimson that gets everyone’s attention in its very own stunning manner. It’s pretty unique and adds on to the existing greatness of your car for that extra oomph.

Scion FRS rear fog lights 01
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Nissan 370Z installed the LED interior lights, LED vanity mirror lights, LED parking city lights, LED license plate lights and LED backup reverse lights

A recent job done for a 2010 Nissan 370Z. We have installed the LED interior lights, vanity mirror lights, LED parking city lights, LED license plate lights and LED backup reverse lights. I am posting the pictures here, hope you guys will like this.

Here is the list for the products used for this 370Z:

12-SMD 360 Degrees Shining T10 LED bulbs for license plate lights, backup lights and parking city lights

12-SMD Luxer1 LED panel lights for interior map lights

SMD D29mm LED bulbs for vanity mirror lights

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iJDMTOY - Nissan - 370Z - LED1

iJDMTOY - Nissan - 370Z - LED2

iJDMTOY - Nissan - 370Z - LED3

iJDMTOY - Nissan - 370Z - LED4

iJDMTOY - Nissan - 370Z - LED5

iJDMTOY - Nissan - 370Z - LED6

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