Lexus IS High Power 921 LED Backup Reverse Lights Upgraded

We have a new LED bulb in our “High Power” LED series; it is our 8-SMD 2835 High Power T10 LED backup reverse bulbs on a Lexus IS. These lights are meant for use as back up/reverse lights only. We do not recommend using these for any other application except the reverse lights. Their superior design and output makes these a great choice for reverse lights when backing up to see what is behind you better. These LED bulbs are sold in pairs and will fit the T10/T15 bulb size which includes 921, 912, 906 and more.

Lexus IS 921 LED Backup Reverse Light Bulbs 1

Each set comes with two LED bulbs that are equipped with 8-SMD 2835 High Power LED diodes that are made by Samsung. Each 2835-type Samsung LED diode produces 0.5w each and there are 8 per bulb producing 4w per bulb. Each LED bulb produces approximately 400 lumen when operating at 12v. These LED backup lights are only available in 6000K Xenon White to provide the most light. These bulbs are also non-polar so they can be installed in either direction and it will still light up. These bright 921 LED bulbs are the perfect choice for the reverse lights.

Lexus IS 921 LED Backup Reverse Light Bulbs 2

High Power 912 920 921 T10 LED Bulbs

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Infiniti G35 Coupe with LED Everything Inside and Out

Recently iJDMTOY

Recently installed for a customer LED car lights for his 2004 Infiniti G35.

Included are LED sidemarker lights, LED parking lights (side strip light), LED interior map lights and LED side door lights, and the LED backup reverse lights and LED license plate lights.

LED lights give a super bright cool street look and feel, much better than the dull and yellowish stock light bulbs in the car.

We have some pictures from after the installation, take a look! 

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Infiniti - G35 - white - led - license - plate - light - 1

Infiniti - G35 - white - led - license - plate - light - 2

Infiniti - G35 - white - led - backup - reverse - lights - 1

Infiniti - G35 - white - led - backup - reverse - lights - 2

Infiniti - G35 - white - led - backup - reverse - lights - 2

Infiniti - G35 - white - led - sidemarker - parking - lights - 1

Infiniti - G35 - white - led - sidemarker - parking - lights - 2

Infiniti - G35 - white - led - map - reading - lights - 1