2007 Honda S2000 Thanks to Error Free S2000 H1 LED DRL Kit

Check out this pearl-white 2007 Honda S2000 – it makes great impression with the S2000 H1 LED DRL installed. The very sleek and stylish look of this S2000 embraces the classic and smooth curves of the best roadsters, but the old stock bulbs somehow weren’t in place. So, having this in mind, the featured H1 LED bulbs are perfect replacement for the old halogen ones and take this car to the next level.

Honda S2000 H1 LED DRL 1

Each H1 LED bulb has 12-SMD-5050 LEDs that come in Xenon White or Ultra Blue color to match with your car appearance and HID headlights. The kit also includes a special decoder set for the 2006-2009 Honda AP2 S2000 to ensure the LED bulbs light up at full power without malfunction issue nor flickering issue. With a lifespan of about 200000 hours, you’ll enjoy the brand new look this high quality product gives for quite a long time.

Honda S2000 H1 LED DRL 2

Replacing the stock bulbs is a matter of minutes even for people with very little car experience, as this item comes with installation diagram. However, you can always contact the experts at iJDMTOY for additional instructions and tips. But let’s move on – turn off the vehicle, then plug out the stock high beam harnesses and bulbs. Take one of the included adapters and connect it to the resistor, then to the driver side high beam harness. Take the other adapter, connect it to the included wiring kit, then to the passenger side high beam harness. Plug one of the short wires in the Honda S2000 H1 LED bulb adapter and install the bulb. Leave the other one absent and run the longer wire to the driver side headlight where the same bulb installation have to be done. Finally, check if everything works.

Honda S2000 H1 LED DRL 3

If you love this 2007 Honda S2000 with Honda S2000 H1 LED bulbs, then getting the very same look for your own high-revving roadster has never been closer. We know drivers want the style but not the headaches and this is why you should consider installing the S2000 H1 LED DRL Error free kit. A distinctive car always gets attention and with proper upgrades, it could be turned into a head-turner without spending a fortune.

Honda S2000 H1 LED DRL 4

H1 LED Daytime Running Light Bulbs + DRL Decoder Wiring Kit

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Honda S2000 Owners, Check Out This S2000 LED DRL Addon

Honda S2000 – the high-revving roadster is a great platform for many tuning enthusiasts and today we’ll present you the S2000 DRL LED addon. The car was released by Honda to celebrate its golden anniversary many years ago and having this in mind, iJDMTOY designed these special direct fit 9-LED daytime running light lamps for 2004-2009 Honda S2000 (AP2).

Honda S2000 LED DRL 1

This awesome product will replace the stock Honda S2000’s lower bumper plastic cover with very nice LED DRL. Despite the modern look of these S2000 DRL, installation is super easy. First you have to clean and prep the area, so that it is free of dirt, oil, water, etc. Then you have to identify which wire coming out of each DRL lamp is the positive (+). You can do this by simply tapping the wires to the car battery terminals. If DRL light up, then the wire, tapped to the battery’s positive is the DRL’s positive (+) – remember it. Otherwise, switch the two wires around and try again.

Honda S2000 LED DRL 2

Once you are ready, run the wires through the hole and mount the DRL in the desired location. Please note this is a direct fit kit, but you can always use 3M tape or screws to fix it more securely. When running the wires up into the engine bay area, make sure they are tucked up and out of the way, so the wires won’t drag on the ground as you drive. Next, locate the power wires for the parking lights so that you can hook the positive (+) wire of the DRL to the positive (+) wire of the parking lights and negative (-) wire to a good metal ground free of paint (or battery’s negative). Before proceeding with the other lamp, turn on the parking lights and check of proper functions. If it does not turn on, check for any loose wire and make sure the wires don’t interfere with any moving or mechanical parts on the vehicle. In case all is good, proceed with the other Honda S2000 DRL.

Honda S2000 LED DRL 3

The wiring method described above is fine if you want to use your LED DRL when you turn on the parking lights, but if you connect the positive (+) wire of the DRL to the ignition fuse box and negative (-) to the batter’s negative (-) terminal, the Honda S2000 DRL will turn on when the key ignition is on. However, if you are more advanced car enthusiast, you can add a switch near the dash, so you can switch them on/off whenever you like, but always have in mind the power must go through a fuse. Anyway, wiring is up to you.

If you own a Honda S2000, then you just can’t go wrong with purchasing these S2000 DRL. Check out the featured Honda S2000 – these 6000K Xenon White DRL perfectly match any HID headlights, giving the car a fresh new aggressive look. If you are looking how to make your Honda S2000 stand out, then check out the iJDMTOY website.

Honda S2000 9-LED Daytime Running Light Lamps

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