Toyota Solara is a Head-Turner with LED 9006 Fog Lights

Today’s 2006 Toyota Solara is one of the nicest-looking cars. Toyota has ever designed, in my opinion, and when the stock fog lights were replaced with the featured LED 9006 Fog lights, the owner got great compliments on it. This second-generation Solara coupe debuted as a 2004 model and featured a fresh new look inside and out. I guess you’ll agree it seems to be as nice as many much more expensive cars, but with the LED 9006 Fog Lights, it became one of my favorites.

Toyota Solara 9006 Fog Lights 1

Take a look at the pronounced "V" shape that starts at the grille and separates elongated headlights. The upgraded LED Fog lamps impart a wider, more aggressive look. If you really like the new sleek look, then ask yourself whether your car deserves some good attitude. Our product will transform your stock yellowish halogen fog lights or daytime running lights into a beautiful and exact 6000K Ultra White HID matching or exotic 20000K Ultra Blue look without paying the HID price.

Toyota Solara 9006 Fog Lights 2

If you still aren’t sure whether you should order or not, then we’ll tell you the words we hear every time a customer replaces his OEM bulbs with these 9006 LED bulbs: "Perfect, just perfect!". Each bulb emits bright and easy noticeable light, which means safety – if you have these 68-SMD LED 9006 bulbs installed, you’ll increase your safety by making the car more visible from greater distance. This LED bulb is direct replacement for the stock 55W 9006 (aka HB4) halogen bulb and therefore you shouldn’t have any problems with replacing your car lights.

Toyota Solara 9006 Fog Lights 3

For example, equipping this 2006 Toyota Solara with 9006 Fog lights took about 10 minutes, but some cars like Audi, BMW, etc., which have on board computer (OBC), might need a pair of load resistors added in order to avoid the error message showing up on dashboard. Anyway, these LED bulbs are great if you want to make your ride a real head-turner and don’t want to spend a lot of time and money.

68-SMD 1210 9006 aka HB4 9012 LED Bulbs

Brought to you by, the expert for your Car LED. For more information about LED fog lights installation, please check How To Install Projector Fog Light Lamps or How to Install Infiniti G37 LED Headlight Bulbs.