2011 Chevy Camaro Goes Fancier with 3157 Switchback LED

The owner of this gorgeous yellow 2011 Chevy Camaro is obviously fond of LED upgrades and replaced the stock halogen bulbs for turn signal lights with 3157 Switchback LED bulbs. The moment I saw these lights in action, I knew this mod is going to be the new trend in the automotive world.

Chevy Camaro Switchback 3157 LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 1

These 3157 LED bulbs can emit two different colors: Xenon White for parking lights and driving lights and Amber yellow for turn signal lights. Every time I see this 2011 Chevy Camaro, only one word comes up: "Stunning!". The High Quality iJDMTOY 3157 Switchback Bulb has 30 pieces white SMD LED lights and 30 pieces amber SMD LED lights. The bulb is designed to light bright white when the running lights are on. When the turn signal is activated, the light will instantly switch from white to amber and start flashing.

Chevy Camaro Switchback 3157 LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 2

Installing the 3157 Switchback LED bulbs in most cases is as easy as duck soup – plug and play. Please note that if you are using these LED bulbs for turn signal lights and they flash really quick, you need to add a pair of load resistors to prevent hyper flashing or malfunction problem. LEDs use less power so if you run without the resistors the car thinks a bulb is out (you will get a error and the lights blink fast). The resistors simulate the load of a regular filament bulb.

Chevy Camaro Switchback 3157 LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 3

Anyway, feel free to ask us any questions regarding this product and its installation, because if your car has single filament bulb housings, these switchback LED bulbs won’t work – they require dual filament housings. However, we offer single filament switchback LED, but it’s better to contact us first for more details.

Chevy Camaro Switchback 3157 LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 4

This 2011 Chevy Camaro with 3157 Switchback LED bulbs is a dream to drive, looks really fancy and if you don’t want to miss the chance to improve the look of your car, you should definitely try with Switchback LED. I just can’t think of a better way to make impression to everyone on the road just like this Chevy guy.

Chevy Camaro Switchback 3157 LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 5

Chevy Camaro Switchback 3157 LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 6

Dual Color Switchback 3157 (aka 3057 3457 4157) LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs

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Toyota Tundra Installed with High Power Switchback LED Bulbs

Here is one post from tundratalk forum for one of our customer installed our high power switchback LED bulbs on his Toyota Tundra.

I installed the switchback LEDs and the interior lights tonight.


Here is the scoop:

Parking lights on – ignition off:


Ignition on parking lights on or DRLs on:


Lights on:


Then, when you use the turn signals, they turn to amber when the lights are on.


Pretty simple install overall.

While I was at it….I switched out the eight dome and puddle lights….



3157 Switchback LED Lights Upgrade for 2012 Toyota Tacoma

2012 Toyota Tacoma is very popular for its rugged look, but a small addition of switchback LED such as 3157 switchback lights will surely make it the ‘Mean Machine’. Just look at the pictures of this 2012 Toyota Tacoma with 3157 switchback lights and see for yourself ‘the big difference that a tiny little upgrade has made to it’.

Toyota Tacoma 3157 Switchback LED 1

If you want to give your car a cool road ruler look, then 3157 switchback lights is the best upgrade for you. Switchback LED bulbs are widely used by people these days as they are far better than traditional bulbs in terms of both performance as well looks. The best part about these switchback LED bulbs is that they are around 20 to 25% brighter than normal bulbs.

Toyota Tacoma 3157 Switchback LED 2

3157 switchback lights runs fine as daytime running lights during the day. These lights are designed in such a manner that while the headlight is on, the color of the lights will be Xenon white and if you activate the signal, the white light will be quickly switched to Amber Yellow. It is highly impossible to notice the turn signals given by cars especially during the daytime. However, 3157 switchback serves a great purpose of giving clear front turn signals during the day as they are a lot brighter than other bulbs.

Toyota Tacoma 3157 Switchback LED 3

You can install these 3157 switchback light bulbs very easily and all you have to do is just remove the old bulbs and replace them with 3157 switchback light bulbs. It is always advisable to install load resistors in order to prevent hyper flashing and other malfunction problems. If you have any difficulty in installing these 3157 switchback lights then you can call iJDMTOY for technical assistance. However, trust me if you carefully follow the installation instruction then installing these babies will be a piece of cake for you. Ideally, switchback LED bulbs cost around $30-35 each but at iJDMTOY.com you can buy a pair of these bulbs along with the load resistors for just $43.

Toyota Tacoma 3157 Switchback LED 4

You can install these babies on wide range of cars as well as trucks without any difficulty. Install them in order to give your vehicle a stand out of the crowd look. If you care for your car and you wish to buy cool upgrades at a reasonable price then just log on to iJDMTOY.com for more attractive and low priced deals.

High Power Switchback 3157 LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs

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Acura TSX Installed Side Mirror LED Turn Signal Arrow Light

Here is a picture of 2009 Acura TSX, installed with this latest LED lighting add-on – universal fit LED arrow for side mirror turn signal light.

Acura TSX side mirror LED turn signal arrow light

These 14-SMD 1210 LED arrow lights, can be hidden behind the side mirror as turn signal lights and are universal fit, which so far we have sold to couple local customers for their 2009 Acura TSX, Lexus IS350, Acura TL, Infiniti G37, etc for turn signal lights.

To install these LED arrow lights on the 2009 Acura TSX is very easy, simply remove the side mirror, and put it behind.

If you are looking for this LED arrow lights, here is the product page:

Amber 14-SMD LED Arrow Panels For Car Side Mirror Turn Signal Lights

Universal Fit.

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2010 Toyota Prius with Dazzling LED Reverse Lights

LED Reverse Lights 1

What we have here is an eco-friendly 2010 Toyota Prius with dazzling LED reverse lights. The 2010 Toyota Prius is incredible vehicle, but there is a common understanding that green cars don’t provide enough basis for tuning enthusiasts. To be honest, I completely disagree with the above and think that every vehicle could (and should) be modified to match its owner’s taste.

LED Reverse Lights 2

It seems the owner wanted to give his lovely car a sleeker look and chose to replace the stock 7440 reverse lights bulbs with LED bulbs. Everything went pretty smooth and as you can see from the pictures, the reverse LED lights are much more than just bright. Beware of seeing that Prius backing up at night, because it shines so bright it can literally blind you for a second .. just joking, but these LED reverse lights are serious stuff. They offer much more visibility at night and make backing up safer.

One of the main features of these Super Bright 40-SMD 7440 LED bulbs is the Transverse design, which makes it possible to have as many as 40 SMD LED chips on the bulb to provide you with 3 to 4 times more lighting output comparing with any other LED bulbs on the market. Installation is as simple as putting the biscuit in the basket – just plug and play! Perfect replacement is guaranteed, and if you use these LED bulbs for turn signal lights, you might need to add a pair load resistors to prevent hyper flashing or malfunction problem.

The "green" 2010 Toyota Prius definitely has it’s charm, but it looks a lot better with such simple mod as replacing the LED reverse lights. What’s more, every vehicle should use LED technology because it is more energy efficient and has longer lifetime than regular bulbs. So, if you want to touch up you ride, iJDMTOY has everything you need.

7440 7441 7443 7444 T20 LED Bulbs

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