1997 Buick Century with Switchback Turn Signal Lights

Switchback Turn Signal Lights 1

As you will read below, the owner of this 1997 Buick Century is a very big LED fan, who loves his custom-made car and sent us some cool pictures of his latest LED lighting addon – 3157 Switchback LED bulbs. He installed a pair of these bulbs and gave his car a nice HID Xenon White look, which is totally legal.

Switchback Turn Signal Lights 2

Here’s what this fellow said about his fancy ride: "My whole car is JDM Lighting top to bottom! There is absolutely no halogen bulb in my car and I have put over 1,000 Dollars in JDM Products. I have a 1997 Buick Century Custom and I got every bulb you can think of: I got the puddle light from the Brabus package, the Dual Flexible LED Strips, the Dual LED 3157 DTR Bulb License Plate and much, much more!"

Switchback Turn Signal Lights 3

The High Quality iJDMTOY Switchback Bulb has 30 pieces White SMD LED lights and 30 pieces Amber SMD LED lights. The bulb is designed to light bright white when the running lights are on. When the turn signal is activated, the light will automatically instantly switch from white to amber, and flash. These are great for clear front turn signals and for meeting import standards on European made autos.

Switchback Turn Signal Lights 4

Installing these bad boys could be little tricky on some vehicles – basically, if you just plug in the Switchback Turn Signal Lights, you get LED amber turn signals. To light up the white LEDs for running lights, you need to run 12V down to your turn signals. This could be the cigarette lighter circuit (so the running lights come on as soon as you start your vehicle) or you could wire it to the parking lights. Please note that if you are using these LED bulbs for turn signal lights, you might need to add a pair load resistors to prevent hyper flashing or malfunction problem. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding this product and its installation.

You just can’t go wrong with purchasing these 3157 Switchback LED bulbs, because you will miss the chance to improve the look of your car. With having these Switchback Turn Signal Lights installed, your ride will make impression to everyone on the road just like that 1997 Buick Century.

3157 Switchback LED Bulbs

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