Tips For Dodge Charger LED High Beam DRL Lights

One of our customers purchased this LED High Beam Daytime Running Light Kit for her 2013 Dodge Charger to upgrade her factory lights. For some reason, these LED bulbs didn’t light up and she made us aware of the issue and we immediately did some testing to see what the problem was so that it could be fixed and ready to use.

Dodge Charger LED DRL 01

What we found out was that our customer only needed to enable the daytime running light feature on her dashboard. After this simple step, the LED bulbs worked immediately and she was able to use the LEDs to their full potential.

Dodge Charger LED DRL 02

These LED bulbs come in one pair (2 pieces) for any 2011+ Dodge Charger and change up your boring stock yellow Daytime Running Light to give your Charger a nice matching HID look. You can give your car a nice upgrade, but just remember enable the daytime running light and you’re good to go.

Dodge Charer LED DRL 03