How To Install LED Interior Bulbs on Dodge Ram

We had a customer who recently called us and claimed after installing the LED bulbs for his Dodge Ram, there’s an error message on the dashboard. Customer satisfaction and product quality are extremely important to us, so we found the same year Dodge Ram to test out the same LED bulbs and here is what we have found out:

 Dodge Ram LED 01

1. Use a pry tool to remove the front map light covers.

Dodge Ram LED 02

Dodge Ram LED 03

2. Since the stock incandescent bulb is pretty hot, you can also use this pry tool to remove the stock bulb.

Dodge Ram LED 04

3. Replace with LED bulb, if the LED does not light up, simply flip it 180 degrees. Once everything works, put back the map light covers.

Dodge Ram LED 05

Dodge Ram LED 06

4. Use pry tool to open rear dome light cover.

Dodge Ram LED 07

Dodge Ram LED 08

5. Pry out the rear dome light bulb.

Dodge Ram LED 09

6. Replace with LED bulb and put back the dome light cover.

Dodge Ram LED 10

Dodge Ram LED 11

7. After we make sure all LED bulbs light up, we start the engine and check the dashboard. No error light!

Dodge Ram LED 12

As you can see, installing new LED interior lights is as easy as swapping out the original bulbs with new LED bulbs. The error message was just an isolated incident. There is no error message on the dashboard so after installation, you’re good to go. If you’re feeling more daring, you can even attempt upgrade to LED Turn Signal Bulbs too. Enjoy your new LEDs!