How to Install an Adapter for a HID Conversion Kit

Today, we tried to install an H11 HID Conversion Kit and we encountered an issue of it not lighting up, but we quickly found a solution that fixes this. The most common issue that causes the HID to not work is that it doesn’t get power. We all know that we have to check the polarities, but what if the HID doesn’t even receive power? Before you can even check the polarity, you have to make sure that the connector and the adapter are snapped in together properly. What we encountered here is actually a textbook issue because the adapter wasn’t completely snapped in; therefore it doesn’t even receive power.

1.) One of the reasons why it sometimes doesn’t completely snap in when you try to connect the adapter to the connector is that the stock wire is hidden all the way underneath, making it difficult to get a firm grip on both parts to snap the connector.

H11 HID kit connector 01

2.) A simple way to work around this is by pulling out the pins in the adapter. We have a YouTube tutorial that demonstrates how to do this.

H11 HID kit connector 02

3.) To better illustrate this, we are going to demonstrate this installation process not on the car, but in the warehouse for better picture quality. All you have to do after you pull out the pins from the HID harness is to directly insert the pins back into the stock adapter.

H11 HID kit connector 03

4.) Some customers might wonder if by doing this if it will cause the positive wire to touch the negative wire resulting in a short, or if this isn’t a secure way to connect the wires, causing it to be very loose. To make the connection secure, you can use electrical tape to first cover the positive wire’s exposed portion and then cover the negative wire’s exposed portion. Afterwards, secure them together.

H11 HID kit connector 04

H11 HID kit connector 05

H11 HID kit connector 06

5. After the wires are properly covered, fold the HID harness over and use tip-ties to properly secure them to the adapter.

H11 HID kit connector 07

H11 HID kit connector 08

Installation may seem tricky at first, but once you understand the process and the basic steps to fix the issue of the loose connector, the installation is actually not too hard. It’s actually fairly simple to install the HID Conversion kit.