Premium LED BMW Angel Eyes Ring Marker Bulbs

These 15W CREE High Power LED BMW Angel Eyes are the perfect product that work really well to convert the stock, dull looking angel eyes to nice, warm premium ring marker bulbs with HID matching xenon white LED. These xenon white LED ring marker bulbs are sure to make your BMW stand out in the crowd, because most people have the incandescent factory lights that are pretty commonplace. If your BMW has the dynamic xenon adaptive xenon headlamps, it’s perfect to use this BMW LED Angel Eyes.

BMW ring marker bulbs 01

The LED Angel Eyes on this 2006 BMW E60 530i look pretty awesome because it draws out the luxurious qualities of a BMW, yet make the car stand out in the intersection. Imagine waiting at a red stop light at a busy intersection and having all eyes from all four directions on you. That awesome feeling is probably what our customer feels.

These BMW LED Halo Rings have the built in CAN-bus controller that works to bypass the onboard computer error message so you wouldn’t have to worry about that annoying error message that plagues many owners of luxurious European vehicles. These LED Angel Eyes are long lasting and unique, so what more can you ask for?

BMW ring marker bulbs 02