Flashy Philips Style LED Daytime Running Lights on BMW 530i

Everyone knows about the wide reach of Philips lighting and the quality of their products goes to show just how influential they are in the global market. iJDMTOY has a newly released set of LED daytime running lights are inspired by Philips and all the innovative goodness that Philips has to offer. They come with a simple to mount bracket to make the installation experience better for everyone. You can first experiment with your ideal location with the positioning of the brackets to get the spot you want and then clip in the lights afterwards.

BMW Philips Style LED DRL 03

This 2006 BMW 530i is sporting these new LED daytime lights and the brightness is so overwhelming that you can just see how the bright it is when parked in a very normal situation. While it’s not overpowering by any means, it is still conspicuous enough to get people around you to notice and marvel at what kind of innovative new LED product you have.

BMW Philips Style LED DRL 01

BMW Philips Style LED DRL 02

This kit includes everything that you would otherwise need for a flawless installation, including easy-to-mount brackets, DRL module box with all of the wires, accessories and screws so you can install this product for practically any car you are in possession of. Previous designs involved the whole LED lamp and bracket fused together so that if you messed up on the leveling just a little bit, you had to deal with the fact that your light output was a little bit crooked or out of place. LED daytime running lights are now seen on more cars because of their usefulness so you don’t want to be stuck being the only person who doesn’t have a set.

BMW Philips Style LED DRL 04

BMW Philips Style LED DRL 05