How to Remove the Volkswagen NMS Passat Fog Light Bezel

This guide shows you how to remove the fog light bezel for your Volkswagen Passat with the honeycomb grill to install OEM fit LED daytime running lights.

1.) Hook your finger behind the grill.

Pull the lower inside corner out and pull gently to work your way to the outside. When you get to the 2 outer clips, try not to pry too much.
Make sure you’re pulling the insert straight and forwards out of the bumper.

vw remove fog light bezel 01

2.) When you remove the insert, remove the reflector inside the light assembly. Pull or wiggle the 3 plastic clips and remove them.

vw remove fog light bezel 02

3.) You will then see 2 screws holding the light assembly. You can use either a T25 Torx or flathead screwdriver to remove them.

Once you remove them, slightly pull the assembly forward and slide it towards the center. You will see 2 guide tabs on the outside of the assembly. When you pull the assembly out of the bumper, you will need to remove the electrical connector from the bulb. Turn the bulb 1/8 of a turn counterclockwise will remove it. Do the opposite to lock it back.

vw remove fog light bezel 03

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