Mazda 3 LED Backup Lights for the Trusty Sedan

A trusty, reliable sedan doesn’t need much to keep it looking nice, but you can still add a bit of upgrade here and there to keep it fun and fresh. If you don’t know what kind of aftermarket install you want to try, perhaps a new set of 7440 LED reverse lights would be pretty nice. Unlike LED daytime running lights, you don’t use LED reverse lights all the time so this could be a great time to do some trial and error to see what kind of car lights you would like to keep.

Mazda 3 LED Reverse Lights 7440 01

This Mazda 3 is sporting a set of these LED reverse lights and if you ever get a chance you compare the stock version versus the new LED lights, you can see that this small upgrade makes a world of difference. The best part is that these 50W CREE LED bulbs fit on all sorts of cars as well so you don’t necessarily have to have a Mazda 3 to get these. The fitment list is pretty long and since LED bulbs are known to have an unbelievably long lifespan so you might even carry these bulbs on to your next car as well.

Mazda 3 LED Reverse Lights 7440 02

These Mazda 3 LED reverse lights seem to fit really well with the car so it goes to show how a little bit of work can go a long way. They are also great on cars that have a rear view camera since the brightness of these LED bulbs make backing up in the dark a piece of cake. You will have increased visibility and have peace of mind that you won’t back into anything when you’re driving at night.

Mazda 3 LED Reverse Lights 7440 03