Nissan 350Z LED Daytime Running Light Upgrade

The Nissan 350Z is still quite a popular car with tons of aftermarket options available for an upgraded look. If you’ve got a 2003-2005 350Z and think those amber side reflectors are completely hideous, then replace it with a new set of Nissan 350Z LED daytime running lights. You get 7 pieces of high powered LED bulbs as a replacement to give you a whole new xenon white look.

Nissan 350z LED DRL 02

This 350Z’s lights are so bright that it’s the first thing you notice in the photo! Imagine just how bright it would be in real life and how much it would catch everyone’s eye! LED daytime running lights are a unique addition that would completely elevate any 350Z for a super JDM look.

Nissan 350z LED DRL 03