Scion FR-S Valenti LED Rear Fog Light

If you have either a Scion FR-S or a Subaru BRZ, it’s just a given that you have to get yourself the Valenti LED Reverse Lamp. This F1 style LED rear bumper light is gives off that super bright "in your face" kind of look, with that signature V-shape tail light. There are 12-LED lights for the red triangular portion that lights up as brake light and 12 pieces of xenon white as reverse lights. So whether you’re at a stop light or trying to back out of a parking spot, you can be sure that the Valenti Rear Fog Light is giving you all the attention.

Scion FRS Valenti LED Rear fog 01

This 2014 Scion FR-S has this famed Valenti LED Reverse Lamp installed and you can just tell how bright the entire LED assembly is. When it’s not in use, the LED rear fog light blends in well with the black exterior, sort of like it’s in stealth mode. That kind of LED Reverse Lamp will look great on any FR-S/BRZ so the toughest choice you have is deciding which set looks best for your car. You will need to determine which color combination works the best with your vehicle for the smooth, flawless look.

Scion FRS Valenti LED Rear fog 02

Scion FRS Valenti LED Rear fog 03