Chevy Malibu OEM Fit Switchback LED Daytime Running Lights

There are lots of people on the road with a Chevy Malibu, and it’s not surprising since it’s a sturdy little American car that doesn’t break the bank. What’s better than regular LED DRL bulbs? A set of Chevy Malibu OEM Fit LED daytime running lamps with switchback capabilities! This set of exact fit LED DRL is a great upgrade for your Malibu and works great if your car is equipped with factory fog lights or not.

Chevy Malibu LED DRL 01

This Chevy Malibu looks pretty swell with this set of LED daytime running lights and for good reason! The xenon white blends in very well with the headlights so it looks like the car rolled out of the factory looking like that. The Chevy Malibu LED lights utilize the bumper space where the fog lights are located, so it either nicely frames your factory fog lights, or acts as a great replacement for the otherwise boring piece of bezel on your front bumper.

Chevy Malibu LED DRL 02