LED Conversion Kit for Headlights and Foglights

There’s no denying that headlights are one of the most important safety features a car can have, as demonstrated by the evolution of all the lighting assemblies. It’s hard to imagine that we first started with oil lamps as vehicular lighting, and now we have some of the best technology available. LED Conversion Kits for Fog lights and head lights is one of the examples of how lighting technology has evolved to bigger and brighter lights.

CREE LED Headlight Kit 14

You can see this LED conversion kit in action here on this Honda and the output incredibly bright. This kit has 20W each CREE XM-L2 LED light with a super bright raw 2500 lumen output. What’s really neat about this kit is the special copper thermal heat sink located conveniently behind the lamps that can quickly and efficiently dissipate the heat. Other conventional LED kits have a fan for heat extraction, which is actually a fairly obsolete method. Fans are extra bulky and have the tendency to break down, which in turn causes the LED to overheat and burn out. A copper thermal heat sink does not have this problem and will keep the LED Conversion Kit lasting extra long.

CREE LED Headlight Kit 13

CREE LED Headlight Kit 15

CREE LED Headlight Kit 16