3rd Gen Lexus IS Super Flush LED License Plate Mount Bracket

The 3rd generation Lexus IS has been such a hit ever since the facelift that plenty of people have been converted to straight up Lexus fans. The new Lexus spindle grille is one of the newest features that sets the Lexus apart from all the other cars out there and is super recognizable with an aggressive stance. One of the last thing you’d want to do as a new Lexus IS owner is to drill holes into the front bumper and cover up the spindle grille with an unsightly license plate. Fortunately, there is a new Lexus IS License Plate Mount to place the license plate on the side of the bumper. This is a new version designed specifically for the 2nd and 3rd gen Lexus IS and has a flush design so that the license plate nearly touches the bumper. There is absolutely no drilling necessary so you can maintain the flawless look of the spindle grille.

Lexus IS License Plate Mount 06

This 2014 Lexus IS350 F-Sport actually belongs to one of our frequent customers who has his IS decked out in all sorts of iJDMTOY stuff! You can see from the close-up shots that the license plate is so close to the bumper that is practically touches the the spindle grille. The Lexus IS Tow Mount License Bracket gives any newer IS a great sporty look that keeps the bumper looking nice!

Lexus IS License Plate Mount 01

Lexus IS License Plate Mount 02

Lexus IS License Plate Mount 03

Lexus IS License Plate Mount 04

Lexus IS License Plate Mount 05