Toyota Prius LED Turn Signal Lights

Many drivers choose to swap out their stock turn signal light bulbs and upgrade to brighter and better LED. There’s no doubt that LED is always a better choice, especially with the warm amber glow that’s emitted every time you turn on your flashers. These 7440 LED Turn Signal Bulbs are a great choice for someone who is a beginner in car modification and wants to get their feet wet, or the experienced modifier who could totally change these LED bulbs with their eyes closed.

Toyota Prius 7440 LED Turn Signal 04

This 2014 Toyota Prius has installed these new LED turn signal lights without any of the fried egg look that happens with a lot of turn signal light housings. You can have a nice, clear housing with the matching bulb to give your car a flawless look without too much knowledge on installation. These Toyota Prius LED turn signal lights will definitely do your sporty hybrid justice.

Toyota Prius 7440 LED Turn Signal 03

Toyota Prius 7440 LED Turn Signal 02

Toyota Prius 7440 LED Turn Signal 05