Mazda6 Fiber Optics LED Daytime Running Lights

The Mazda6 is overtaking the market for popular sedans as it’s classy and sporty, yet affordable. This is a set of direct fit Mazda6 OEM Fit LED DRL that’s made with fiber optics for a continuous strip of light. The uniform design gives you an even lighting effect for a fluid look so the output looks extra spectacular. Very few cars have exact fit LED DRL assemblies designed to fit them so if you have a new Mazda6, you definitely need to get a set of these LED lamps.

Mazda 6 LED DRL 03

To install these Mazda6 LED Daytime Running Lights, you will need to replace the stock fog lamp bezel covers (or the non fog lamp model’s lower bumper inserts) and replace it with the new LED daytime running lamps. The CREE LED emitters ensure that the LED daytime running lights are always super bright and will make heads turn when you’re driving anywhere on the road.

Mazda 6 LED DRL 01

Mazda 6 LED DRL 02

Mazda 6 LED DRL 04