LEDayFlex Flexible LED Daytime Running Lights

Enthusiasts looking for the ultimate DIY assembly need to look no further than a set of flexible LEDayFlex LED Daytime Running Lights for a pretty sweet look.
Each kit comes with 10 pieces of eagle eye LED lights that can be installed into the lower bumper for a unique JDM look. You can choose to install from two to ten
LED lights per side so the possibilities are endless. Simply use the drill bit and drill into the locations where you think these LED DRL would look best and watch as
your car transforms into an incredible Japanese style ride. The design makes the LED assembly very versatile and able to fit along the same of practically any bumper, making this the perfect DIY product.

BMW LEDayflex LED DRL 03

You can see this set of eagle eye LED daytime lamps in action on this 2011 BMW 335i and the look really enhances the overall appearance of the lower bumper.
This is definitely a unique look for any car since it’s not often that you see a car with eagle eye LED driving out on the road. Since this type of installation requires a permanent modification, you won’t see too many people out there with such a difficult installation. If you are someone who enjoys being a one-of-a-kind, then these LEDayFlex LED lamps are definitely a must have.

BMW LEDayflex LED DRL 02

A car design that features the popular eagle eye lights is none other than the JDM "Rocket Bunny" where the lights play an important role in the vehicle’s overall
aggressive look. You can give your car a similar look with these universal fit flexible LED DRL and get a super JDM look and output.

BMW LEDayflex LED DRL 01